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This Acceleration Of Vesting Of Retirement And Deferred Compensation Benefits Upon A Change In Control clause is from the contract involving . RealDealDocs contains millions of easily searchable legal documents and clauses from top law firms. Search our Legal Agreements or our Contract Clause Library for free.

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(b) - Acceleration of Vesting of Retirement and Deferred Compensation Benefits Upon a Change in Control.

In addition to any provisions concerning acceleration of vesting in any applicable plan or agreement relating to retirement or deferred compensation-type benefits that may be outstanding between the Executive and the Company (including, without limitation, the Company’s Profit Sharing Plan, Supplemental Profit Sharing Plan, and Deferred Compensation Plan and Agreement), and notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in any such plan or agreement, upon the Effective Date of a Change in Control all accounts, interests, rights, and benefits of the Executive in any such plan or agreement shall immediately become 100% vested and exercisable; however, such acceleration shall not apply to the Company’s Pension Plan for Salaried Employees.



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