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2.9 - Late delivery.

For purpose of this Agreement, delivery within [***] business days before or [***] business days after the Scheduled Delivery Date shall be deemed meeting such delivery date; provided that it is understood LTS is only obligated to employ Reasonable Commercial Efforts to meet the requested delivery dates for Excess Orders. In the event that LTS does not deliver the ordered Patches within such a seven (7) business day window (i.e. [***] days before or [***] days after), then NeurogesX shall, as its sole remedy for LTS being late with its delivery of Patches within the time periods set forth in clause (a) and (b) below, have the right to reduce its payment of the Transfer Price for such Patches by: (a) [***] if NeurogesX receives the Patches between [***] days and [***] days after the Scheduled Delivery Date; or (b) [***] if NeurogesX receives the Patches later than [***] days after the Scheduled Delivery Date. In the event NeurogesX does not receive the Patches within [***] days after the Scheduled Delivery Date, then in addition to reduction of payment of the Transfer Price set forth in clause (b) above, NeurogesX shall be entitled to deem such delivery as having been ordered but never made, for purposes of determining a Failure to Supply under Section 6.4(a) below. For the purpose of this Section 2.9, a "business day" shall exclude a weekend day or a public holiday in Germany or regional legal holiday at the Facility where the Patch is manufactured and those days where LTS is closed down in the regular course of business, e.g. between Christmas and New Year.