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Contract clauses are provisions provided in a written contract. The clauses address details deemed relevant and necessary for the working relationship between the parties in the agreement. Clauses are generally used to address specific topics such as: payment, damages, warranties, and scope of service. There are numerous types of clauses, and their inclusion is determined by the parties to the contract or agreement.

For example, an employee who will receive a bonus for their monthly performance may have a certain quota to meet before they can receive their reward; this quota would be covered in a clause. A clause can cover confidential information, rights to arbitration and other issues.

Clauses enable parties to clearly identify their respective rights and obligations to fulfill the contract.

Contract Clause Library

Our contract clause library contains millions of agreement and contract clauses drafted by top law firms and companies. Access to the entire sample clause library at is free, and we have several affordable membership options to our Contracts Library. Find the perfect contract provision. Browse the list below to find common contract clauses such as a termination, confidentiality, arbitration or thousands of other contract provisions. You can also search our entire contract library by type of legal agreement.

) Asset Purchase Agreement Clauses
The key document involved in the purchase of all or some of the assets of one entity by another.

1) Merger Agreement Clauses
An agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the merger or acquisition of a company.

2) Employment Contract Clauses
An agreement entered into between an employer and an employee at the commencement of the period of employment and stating the exact nature of their business relationship, including roles and responsibilities, compensation etc.

3) Severance Agreement Clauses
A document detailing the severance of an agreement between two parties.

4) Supply Contract Clauses
An agreement governing the supply of an item of merchandise by a manufacturer or distributor.