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Supply Agreement-processing Consignment Contract

Supply Agreement

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 This Supply Agreement involves

GHN AGRISPAN HOLDING CO | Fujian Zhangzhou YiBiYi Food Co, Ltd

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Title: Supply Agreement-Processing Consignment Contract
Date: 10/14/2009

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Exhibit 10.3


Processing Consignment Contract


Consignor: Yikoule Catering Distribution and Delivery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter shortened as Party A)

Consignee: Fujian Zhangzhou YiBiYi Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter shortened as Party B)


Whereas, Party A consigns Party B for the processing of preserved fruits products, this Contract on consigned processing is hereby signed by and between the Parties upon agreement reached through negotiation in a view to safeguarding the mutual benefits of both Parties, with terms and conditions as follows.


Article 1 Content of processing consigned


Party A consigns Party B for the processing of series of products, whereas Party A shall set forth and notify Party B of the quantity, model (or development information), standard, and quality of products to be processed, and both Parties shall discuss on prices and specify such on P/Os additionally.


Article 2 Obligations of Party A


Party A shall

1. consign Party B for processing of products demanded quarterly according to production schedule;

2. provide Party B with all legal documents related to Party A’s production consignment formalities, trademark registrar, power of attorney, and legal evidences for the legal ownership of commercial secrets;

3. provide Party B with information concerning the model, quantity, technical specifications & requirements and dates of delivery, of the products to be processed;

4. be entitled to carry out inspections and supervisions over the production standards and product quality, and give appropriate comments and suggestions accordingly, and receive and accept goods as per the confirmed samples;

5. receive and accept goods as per confirm on the samples and standards agreed upon by both Parties; and

6. Both Parties shall keep all commercial secrets in strict confidential.

- All trademarks, pictures, drawings and diagrams on the aforementioned products to be processed shall remain the property of Party A, on which Party B may not produce or provide to any other party;

- Party A may not provide to any other manufacturer any of the samples designed and manufactured by Party B.


Article 3 Obligations of Party B


Part B shall

1. carry out consigned processing in strict accordance with the content and requirements of consignments;

2. be responsible for t

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