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Subscription Agreement

Stock Subscription Agreement

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 This Stock Subscription Agreement involves


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Date: 8/3/2009

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                                                                    EXHIBIT 10.2

                                NON U.S. RESIDENT

                              PRO NUTRISOURCE INC.

                             SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT
                             PURCHASER QUESTIONNAIRE

Pro NutriSource Inc.
307 Natasha City
Longueuil, Quebec
Canada J4L 2P8


                                     PART I

         Pro  NutriSource  Inc., a Nevada  corporation  (the  "Corporation")  is
offering on a private  placement basis,  shares of its restricted  common stock,
par value $0.001 (the "Common  Stock") to eligible  investors  who  subscribe to
this issue by this document (the  "Investor") at a price of U.S. $____ per share
of Common Stock. The Corporation offers, and the Investor accepts, the shares of
Common  Stock on the terms  and  conditions  as set  forth in this  subscription

         1.  Subscription.  The undersigned hereby tenders this subscription and
applies for the purchase of _______ shares of Common Stock in the capital of the
Corporation for an aggregate purchase price of $_______. By execution below, the
undersigned  acknowledges  that the Corporation is relying upon the accuracy and
completeness  of the  representations  contained  herein in  complying  with its
obligations under applicable securities laws.

         2.  Representations  by Undersigned.  The undersigned  acknowledges and
represents as follows:

         (a)      NOT A U.S. PERSON: the Investor:  (i) is not a U.S. Person (as
                  defined in Rule 902 of Regulation S ("REGULATION S") under the
                  United States SECURITIES ACT OF 1933 (the "U.S.  ACT"),  which
                  definition includes, but is not limited to, any natural person
                  resident in the United States,  any corporation or partnership
                  incorporated  or organized under the laws of the United States
                  or any estate or trust of which any executor, administrator or
                  trustee is a U.S.  Person;  (ii) is not  purchasing any of the
                  shares of Common  Stock for the account or benefit of any U.S.


                  Person or for offering,  resale or delivery for the account or
                  benefit of any U.S. Person or for the account of any person in
                  any  jurisdiction  other than the  jurisdiction set out in the
                  name and address of the  Investor set forth  hereinbelow;  and
                  (iii) was not offered any shares of Common Stock in the United
                  States  and was  outside  the  United  States  at the  time of
                  execution and delivery of this Agreement;

         (b)      NO  REGISTRATION  AND SALES UNDER  REGULATION  S: the Investor
                  acknowledges  that the  shares of Common  Stock  have not been
                  registered  under  the  U.S.  Act and the  Corporation  has no
                  obligation  or  present  intention  of  filing a  registration
                  statement  under  the U.S.  Act in  respect  of the  shares of
                  Common  Stock.  The  Investor  agrees to resell  the shares of
                  Common  Stock  only  in  accordance  with  the  provisions  of
                  Regulation S, pursuant to a registration under the U.S. Act or
                  pursuant to an available exemption from such registration, and
                  that hedging transactions involving the shares of Common Stock
                  may not be conducted  unless in compliance  with the U.S. Act.
                  The Investor understands that any certificate representing the
                  shares of Common  Stock will bear a legend  setting  forth the
                  foregoing  restrictions.  The  Investor  understands  that the
                  shares of Common  Stock are  restricted  within the meaning of
                  "RULE 144" promulgated  under the U.S. Act; that the exemption
                  from registration  under Rule 144 will not be available in any
                  event  for at least  one year  from the date of  purchase  and
                  payment of the  shares of Common  Stock by the  Investor,  and
                  even then will not be  available  unless (i) a public  trading
                  market  then exists for the common  stock of the  Corporation,
                  (ii) adequate  information  concerning the Corporation is then
                  available  to the public and (iii) other terms and  conditions
                  of Rule 144 are complied with; and that any sale of the shares
                  of Common  Stock may be made by the  Investor  only in limited
                  amounts in accordance with such terms and conditions;

         (c)      NO U.S. BENEFICIAL INTEREST:  no U.S. Person,  either directly
                  or  indirectly,  has  any  beneficial  interest  in any of the
                  shares of Common Stock acquired by the Investor hereunder, nor
                  does the Investor have any agreement or understanding (written
                  or oral) with any U.S. Person respecting:

                  (i)    the  transfer  or  any  assignment  of  any  rights  or
                         interest in any of the shares of Common Stock;

                  (ii)   the division of profits,  losses, fees,  commissions or
                         any   financial   stake   in   connection   with   this
                         subscription; or

                  (iii)  the voting of the shares of Common Stock;

         (d)      EXPERIENCE:  the  Investor  has the  requisite  knowledge  and
                  experience  in  financial  and  business  matters for properly
                  evaluating the risks of an investment in the Corporation;

         (e)      INFORMATION:   the  Investor  has  received  all   information
                  regarding  the   Corporation   reasonably   requested  by  the


         (f)      RISK:  the  Investor  understands  that an  investment  in the
                  Corporation  involves  certain risks of which the Investor has
                  taken full  cognizance,  and which  risks the  Investor  fully

         (g)      ADEQUACY  OF  INFORMATION:  the  Investor  has been  given the
                  opportunity to ask questions of, and to receive  answers from,
                  the  Corporation  concerning  the terms and  conditions of the
                  offering  and to obtain  additional  information  necessary to
                  verify  the  accuracy  of  the  information  contained  in the
                  information described in paragraph "(e)" hereinabove,  or such
                  other information as the Investor desired in order to evaluate
                  an investment in the Corporation;

         (h)      RESIDENCY:   the  residence  of  the  Investor  as  set  forth
                  hereinbelow is the true and correct  residence of the Investor
                  and the  Investor  has no  present  intention  of  becoming  a
                  resident or domiciliary of any other State or jurisdiction;

         (i)      INDEPENDENT  INVESTIGATION:  in making a decision to invest in
                  the   Corporation   the  Investor   has  relied   solely  upon
                  independent  investigations  made  by the  Investor,  and  the
                  particular tax consequences  arising from an investment in the
                  Corporation   will  depend  upon  the  Investor's   individual

         (j)      PRINCIPAL:  the  Investor is  purchasing  the shares of Common
                  Stock as principal for the  Investor's own account and not for
                  the benefit of any other  person,  except as otherwise  stated
                  herein,  and not with a view to the resale or  distribution of
                  all or any of the shares of Common Stock;

         (k)      DECISION TO  PURCHASE:  the  decision of the Investor to enter
                  into this Agreement and to purchase the shares of Common Stock
                  pursuant hereto has been based only on the  representations of
                  this  Agreement and any  collateral  business plan or offering
                  memorandum  provided  herewith  or based  upon the  Investor's
                  relationship  with a  director  and/or  senior  officer of the
                  Corporation.  It is not made on other information  relating to
                  the  Corporation  and not upon any oral  representation  as to
                  fact or otherwise  made by or on behalf of the  Corporation or
                  any other  person.  The Investor  agrees that the  Corporation
                  assumes  no   responsibility   or   liability  of  any  nature
                  whatsoever for the accuracy,  adequacy or  completeness of any
                  business  plan  information  which has been created based upon
                  the Corporation's  management experience.  In particular,  and
                  without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the decision
                  to  subscribe  for the  shares  of  Common  Stock has not been
                  influenced by:

                  (i)    newspaper,  magazine or other media articles or reports
                         related to the Corporation or its business;

                  (ii)   promotional  literature or other  materials used by the
                         Corporation for sales or marketing purposes; or


                  (iii)  any  representations,   oral  or  otherwise,  that  the
                         Corporation will become a listed Corporation,  that any
                         of the shares of Common  Stock will be  repurchased  or
                         have any  guaranteed  future  realizable  value or that
                         there  is  any  certainty  as to  the  success  of  the
                         Corporation  or the  liquidity  or  value of any of the
                         shares of Common Stock;

         (l)      ADVERTISEMENTS:  the Investor  acknowledges  that the Investor
                  has not  purchased  the shares of Common  Stock as a result of
                  any general  solicitation  or general  advertising,  including
                  advertisements,  articles,  notices  or  other  communications
                  published  in any  newspaper,  magazine  or  similar  media or
                  broadcast over radio or television,  or any seminar or meeting
                  whose  attendees have been invited by general  solicitation or
                  general advertising;

         (m)      INFORMATION NOT RECEIVED:  the Investor has not received,  nor
                  has the Subscriber  requested,  nor does the Investor have any
                  need to receive, any offering memorandum or any other document
                  (other than  financial  statements  or any other  document the
                  content  of which is  prescribed  by  statute  or  regulation)
                  describing the business and affairs of the  Corporation  which
                  has been prepared for delivery to, and review by,  prospective
                  purchasers  in order to assist  them in  making an  investment
                  decision  in respect of the  shares of Common  Stock,  and the
                  Investor has not become aware of any  advertisement in printed
                  media  of  general  and  regular  paid  circulation,  radio or
                  television  with respect to the  distribution of the shares of
                  Common Stock

         (n)      INFORMATION  RECEIVED:  the  Investor  has had  access to such
                  additional information,  if any, concerning the Corporation as
                  the Investor has considered  necessary in connection  with the
                  Investor's investment decision to acquire the shares of Common

         (o)      SATISFACTION   WITH   INFORMATION   RECEIVED:   the   Investor
                  acknowledges that, to the Investor's satisfaction:

                  (i)      the  Investor  has  either  had access to or has been
                           furnished with sufficient  information  regarding the
                           Corporation   and  the   terms  of  this   investment
                           transaction to the Investor's satisfaction;

                  (ii)     the Investor has been provided the opportunity to ask
                           questions concerning this investment  transaction and
                           the  terms  and  conditions   thereof  and  all  such
                           questions   have  been  answered  to  the  Investor's
                           satisfaction; and

                  (iii)    the  Investor  has been given ready  access to and an
                           opportunity  to  review  any  information,   oral  or
                           written,   that  the  Investor  has   requested,   in
                           particular  to any  offering  memorandum  or business
                           plan of the Corporation, if available concurrent with
                           or as a part of this Agreement;


         (p)      RELIANCE OF  REPRESENTATIVE:  the  Investor,  by reason of the
                  Investor's  knowledge and experience in financial and business
                  matters,  is capable of evaluating  the risks and merits of an
                  investment  in the shares of Common  Stock or, if the Investor
                  is relying upon the investment advice of a representative  who
                  has advised the undersigned in connection with this investment
                  (the   "REPRESENTATIVE"),   the   undersigned   believes   the
                  Representative  to be sophisticated  and competent in the area
                  of  investment  advice and analysis and  therefore  capable of
                  evaluating the risks and merits of an investment in the shares
                  of Common Stock;

         (q)      ECONOMIC  RISK: the Investor has such knowledge and experience
                  in  financial  and  business  affairs  as  to  be  capable  of
                  evaluating the merits and risks of the  Investor's  investment
                  in and to any of the shares of Common Stock,  and the Investor
                  is able  to  bear  the  economic  risk of a total  loss of the
                  Investor's  investment  in and to any of the  shares of Common

         (r)      SPECULATIVE  INVESTMENT:  the  Investor  understands  that  an
                  investment  in  any  of  the  shares  of  Common  Stock  is  a
                  speculative  investment  and  that  there is no  guarantee  of
                  success of the Corporation's  management's plans. Management's
                  plans are an effort to apply present  knowledge and experience
                  to  project  a future  course of  action  which is hoped  will
                  result in financial success employing the Corporation's assets
                  and with the present level of management's skills and of those

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