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Third Party Security Agreement

Security Agreement

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 This Security Agreement involves

Coral Blood Services, Inc | HemaCare Corporation | WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION

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Governing Law: California     Date: 12/15/2009
Industry: Biotechnology and Drugs     Sector: Healthcare

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Exhibit 10.7




1.               GRANT OF SECURITY INTEREST. In consideration of any credit or other financial accommodation heretofore, now or hereafter extended or made to HemaCare Corporation and Coral Blood Services, Inc. (“Borrowers”), or any of them, by WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (“Bank”), and for other valuable consideration, as security for the payment of all Indebtedness of Borrowers to Bank, the undersigned HemaCare Corporation (“Owner”) hereby grants and transfers to Bank a security interest in all goods, tools, machinery, furnishings, furniture and other equipment, now or at any time hereafter, and prior to the termination hereof, owned or acquired by Owner, wherever located, whether in the possession of Owner or any other person and whether located on Owner’s property or elsewhere, and all improvements, replacements, accessions and additions thereto and embedded software included therein (collectively called “Collateral”), together with whatever is receivable or received when any of the Collateral or proceeds thereof are sold, leased, collected, exchanged or otherwise disposed of, whether such disposition is voluntary or involuntary, including without limitation, (a) all accounts, contract rights, chattel paper (whether electronic or tangible), instruments, promissory notes, documents, general intangibles, payment intangibles and other rights to payment of every kind now or at any time hereafter arising out of any such sale, lease, collection, exchange or other disposition of any of the foregoing, (b) all rights to payment, including returned premiums, with respect to any insurance relating to any of the foregoing, and (c) all rights to payment with respect to any claim or cause of action affecting or relating to any of the foregoing (hereinafter called “Proceeds”). The word “Indebtedness” is used herein in its most comprehensive sense and includes any and all advances, debts, obligations and liabilities of Borrowers, or any of them, heretofore, now or hereafter made, incurred or created, whether voluntary or involuntary and however arising, whether due or not due, absolute or contingent, liquidated or unliquidated, determined or undetermined, including under any swap, derivative, foreign exchange, hedge, deposit, treasury management or other similar transaction or arrangement, and whether Borrowers may be liable individually or jointly with others, or whether recovery upon such Indebtedness may be or hereafter becomes unenforceable.


2.               CONTINUING AGREEMENT; REVOCATION; OBLIGATION UNDER OTHER AGREEMENTS.  This is a continuing agreement and all rights, powers and remedies hereunder shall apply to all past, present and future Indebtedness of each of the Borrowers to Bank, including that arising under successive transactions which shall either continue the Indebtedness, increase or decrease it, or from time to time create new Indebtedness after all or any prior Indebtedness has been satisfied, and notwithstanding the death, incapacity, dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy of any of the Borrowers or Owner or any other event or proceeding affecting any of the Borrowers or Owner. This Agreement shall not apply to any new Indebtedness created after actual receipt by Bank of written notice of its revocation as to such new Indebtedness; provided however, that loans or advances made by Bank to any of the Borrowers after revocation under commitments existing prior to receipt by Bank of such revocation, and extensions, renewals or modifications, of any kind, of Indebtedness incurred by any of the Borrowers or committed by Bank prior to receipt by Bank of such revocation, shall not be considered new Indebtedness. Any such notice must be sent to Bank by registered U.S. mail, postage prepaid, addressed to its office at Beverly Hills RCBO, 433 N. Camden Drive, Suite 505, Beverly Hills, California 90210, or at such other address as Bank shall from time to time designate. The obligations of Owner hereunder shall be in addition to any obligations of Owner under any other grants or pledges of security for any liabilities or obligations of any of the Borrowers or any other person heretofore or hereafter given to Bank unless said other grants or pledges of security are expressly modified or revoked in writing; and this Agreement shall not, unless expressly herein provided, affect or invalidate any such other grants or pledges of security.




3.              OBLIGATIONS JOINT AND SEVERAL; SEPARATE ACTIONS; WAIVER OF STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS; REINSTATEMENT OF LIABILITY. The obligations hereunder are joint and several and independent of the obligations of Borrowers, and a separate action or actions may be brought and prosecuted against Owner whether action is brought against any of the Borrowers or any other person, or whether any of the Borrowers or any other person is joined in any such action or actions. Owner acknowledges that this Agreement is absolute and unconditional, there are no conditions precedent to the effectiveness of this Agreement, and this Agreement is in full force and effect and is binding on Owner as of the date written below, regardless of whether Bank obtains collateral or any guaranties from others or takes any other action contemplated by Owner. Owner waives the benefit of any statute of limitations affecting Owner’s liability hereunder or the enforcement thereof, and Owner agrees that any payment of any Indebtedness or other act which shall toll any statute of limitations applicable thereto shall similarly operate to toll such statute of limitations applicable to Owner’s liability hereunder. The liability of Owner hereunder shall be reinstated and revived and the rights of Bank shall continue if and to the extent that for any reason any amount at any time paid on account of any Indebtedness secured hereby is rescinded or must be otherwise restored by Bank, whether as a result of any proceedings in bankruptcy or reorganization or otherwise, all as though such amount had not been paid. The determination as to whether any amount so paid must be rescinded or restored shall be made by Bank in its sole discretion; provided however, that if Bank chooses to contest any such matter at the request of Owner, Owner agrees to indemnify and hold Bank harmless from and against all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees (to include outside counsel fees and all allocated costs of Bank’s in-house counsel), expended or incurred by Bank in connection therewith, including without limitation, in any litigation with respect thereto.


4.              OBLIGATIONS OF BANK. Any money received by Bank in respect of the Collateral may be deposited, at Bank’s option, into a non-interest bearing account over which Owner shall have no control, and the same shall, for all purposes, be deemed Collateral hereunder.




(a)            Owner represents and warrants to Bank that: (i) Owner’s legal name is exactly as set forth on the first page of this Agreement, and all of Owner’s organizational documents or agreements delivered to Bank are complete and accurate in every respect; (ii) Owner is the owner and has possession or control of the Collateral and Proceeds; (iii) Owner has the exclusive right to grant a security interest in the Collateral and Proceeds; (iv) all Collateral and Proceeds are genuine, free from liens, adverse claims, setoffs, default, prepayment, defenses and conditions precedent of any kind or character, except the lien created hereby or as otherwise agreed to by Bank, or as heretofore disclosed by Owner to Bank, in writing; (v) all statements contained herein are true and complete in all material respects; (vi) no financing statement covering any of the Collateral or Proceeds, and naming any secured party other than Bank, is on file in any public office; and (vii) Owner is not in the business of selling goods of the kind included within the Collateral subject to this Agreement, and Owner acknowledges that no sale or other disposition of any Collateral, including without limitation, any Collateral which Owner may deem to be surplus, has been or shall be consented to or acquiesced in by Bank, except as specifically set forth in writing by Bank.




(b)            Owner further represents and warrants to Bank that: (i) the Collateral pledged hereunder is so pledged at Borrowers’ request; (ii) Bank has made no representation to Owner as to the creditworthiness of any of the Borrowers; and (iii) Owner has established adequate means of obtaining from each of the Borrowers on a continuing basis financial and other information pertaining to Borrowers’ financial condition. Owner agrees to keep adequately informed from such means of any facts, events or circumstances which might in any way affect Owner’s risks hereunder, and Owner further agrees that Bank shall have no obligation to disclose to Owner any information or material about any of the Borrowers which is acquired by Bank in any manner.


6.              COVENANTS OF OWNER.


(a)            Owner agrees in general: (i) to indemnify Bank against all losses, claims, demands, liabilities and expenses of every kind caused by property subject hereto; (ii) to permit Bank to exercise its powers; (iii) to execute and deliver such documents as Bank deems necessary to create, perfect and continue the security interests contemplated hereby; (iv) not to change Owner’s name, and as applicable, its chief executive office, its principal residence or the jurisdiction in which it is organized and/or registered without giving Bank prior written notice thereof; (v) not to change the places where Owner keeps any of the Collateral or Owner’s records concerning the Collateral and Proceeds without giving Bank prior written notice of the address to which Owner is moving same ; and (vi) to cooperate with Bank in perfecting all security interests granted herein and in obtaining such agreements from third parties as Bank deems necessary, proper or convenient in connection with the preservation, perfection or enforcement of any of its rights hereunder.


(b)            Owner agrees with regard to the Collateral and Proceeds, unless Bank agrees otherwise in writing: (i) that Bank is authorized to file financing statements in the name of Owner to perfect Bank’s security interest in Collateral and Proceeds; (ii) to insure the Collateral with Bank named as loss payee, in form, substance and amounts, under agreements, against risks and liabilities, and with insurance companies satisfactory to Bank; (iii) to operate the Collateral in accordance with all applicable statutes, rules and regulations relating to the use and control thereof, and not to use the Collateral for any unlawful purpose or in any way that would void any insurance required to be carried in connection therewith; (iv) not to permit any lien on the Collateral or Proceeds, including without limitation, liens arising from repairs to or storage of the Collateral, except in favor of Bank; (v) to pay when due all license fees, registration fees and other charges in connection with any Collateral; (vi) not to remove the Collateral from Owner’s premises except in the ordinary course of Owner’s business; (vii) not to sell, hypothecate or otherwise dispose of, nor permit the transfer by operation of law of, any of the Collateral or Proceeds or any interest therein; (viii) not to rent, lease or charter the Collateral; (ix) to permit Bank to inspect the Collateral at any time; (x) to keep, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, complete and accurate records regarding all Collateral and Proceeds, and to permit Bank to inspect the same and make copies thereof at any reasonable time; (xi) if requested by Bank, to receive and use reasonable diligence to collect Proceeds, in trust and as the property of Bank, and to immediately endorse as appropriate and deliver such Proceeds to Bank daily in the exact form in which they are received together with a collection report in form satisfactory to Bank; (xii) not to commingle Proceeds or collections thereunder with other property; (xiii) to give only normal allowances and credits and to advise Bank thereof immediately in writing if they affect any Collateral or Proceeds in any material respect; (xiv) in the event Bank elects to receive payments of Proceeds hereunder, to pay all expenses incurred




by Bank in connection therewith, including expenses of accounting, correspondence, collection efforts, reporting to account or contract debtors, filing, recording, record keeping and expenses incidental thereto; and (xv) to provide any service and do any other acts which may be necessary to maintain, preserve and protect all Collateral and, as appropriate and applicable, to keep the Collateral in good and saleable condition and repair, to deal with the Collateral in accordance with the standards and practices adhered to generally by owners of like property, and to keep all Collateral and Proceeds free and clear of all defenses, rights of offset and counterclaims.


7.               POWERS OF BANK. Owner appoints Bank its true attorney in fact to perform any of the following powers, which are coupled with an interest, are irrevocable until termination of this Agreement and may be exercised from time to time by Bank’s officers and employees, or any of them, whether or not any of the Borrowers or Owner is in default: (a) to perform any obligation of Owner hereunder in Owner’s name or otherwise; (b) to give notice to account debtors or others of Bank’s rights in the Collateral and Proceeds, to enforce or forebear from enforcing the same and make extension or modification agreements with respect thereto; (c) to release persons liable on Proceeds and to give receipts and acquittances and compromise disputes in connection therewith; (d) to release or substitute security; (e) to resort to security in any order; (f) to prepare, execute, file, record or deliver notes, assignments, schedules, designation statements, financing statements, continuation statements, termination statements, statements of assignment, applications for registration or like papers to perfect, preserve or release Bank’s interest in the Collateral and Proceeds; (g) to receive, open and read mail addressed to Owner; (h) to take cash, instruments for the payment of money and other property to which Bank is entitled; (i) to verify facts concerning the Collateral and Proceeds by inquiry of obligors thereon, or otherwise, in its own name or a fictitious name; (j) to endorse, collect, deliver and receive payment under instruments for the payment of money constituting or relating to Proceeds; (k) to prepare, adjust, execute, deliver and receive payment under insurance claims, and to collect and receive payment of and endorse any instrument in payment of loss or returned premiums or any other insurance refund or return, and to apply such amounts received by Bank, at Bank’s sole option, toward repayment of the Indebtedness or replacement of the Collateral; (I) to exercise all rights, powers and remedies which Owner would have, but for this Agreement, with respect to all the Collateral and Proceeds subject hereto; (m) to enter onto Owner’s premises in inspecting the Collateral; and (n) to do all acts and things and execute all documents in the name of Owner or otherwise, deemed by Bank as necessary, proper and convenient in connection with the preservation and perfection of its rights hereunder or enforcement of its rights hereunder after an Event of Default. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary provided in this Section 7, the Bank shall only exercise its rights and remedies under this Section 7(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (g), (h), (j), (k), (I) and (m) when any of the Borrowers or Owner is in default.


8.               OWNER’S WAIVERS.


(a)                                   Owner waives any right to require Bank to: (i) proceed against any of the Borrowers or any other person; (ii) marshal assets or proceed against or exhaust any security held from any of the Borrowers or any other person; (iii) give notice of the terms, time and place of any public or private sale or other disposition of personal property security held from any of the Borrowers or any other person; (iv) take any other action or pursue any other remedy in Bank’s power; or (v) make any presentment or demand for performance, or give any notice of nonperformance, protest, notice of protest or notice of dishonor hereunder or in connection with any obligations or evidences of indebtedness held by Bank as security for or which constitute in whole or in part the Indebtedness secured hereunder, or in connection with the creation of new or additional Indebtedness.




(b)            Owner waives any defense to its obligations hereunder based upon or arising by reason of: (i) any disability or other defense of any of the Borrowers or any other person; (ii) the cessation or limitation from any cause whatsoever, other than payment in full, of the Indebtedness of any of the Borrowers or any other person; (iii) any lack of authority of any officer, director, partner, agent or any other person acting or purporting to act on behalf of any of the Borrowers which is a corporation, partnership or other type of entity, or any defect in the formation of any such Borrower; (iv) the application by any of the Borrowers of the proceeds of any Indebtedness for purposes other than the purposes represented by Borrowers to, or intended or understood by, Bank or Owner; (v) any act or omission by Bank which directly or indirectly results in or aids the discharge of any of the Borrowers or any portion of the Indebtedness by operation of law or otherwise, or which in any way impairs or suspends any rights or remedies of Bank against any of the Borrowers; (vi) any impairment of the value of any interest in security for the Indebtedness or any portion thereof, including without limitation, the failure to obtain or maintain perfection or recordation of any interest in any such security, the release of any such security without substitution, and/or the failure to preserve the value of, or to comply with applicable law in dis

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