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Deed Of Trust, Security Agreement And Ucc Financing Statement For Fixture Filing

Security Agreement

Legal Documents
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 This Security Agreement involves


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Governing Law: Texas     Date: 12/16/2005
Industry: Chemical Manufacturing     Sector: Basic Materials

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a Delaware corporation,
as Grantor ,



a Texas corporation,

as Trustee ,

for the benefit of

a national banking association,
as Beneficiary


This Instrument shall be effective as a


Debtor:                         Tor Minerals International, Inc.

722 Burleson Street
P. O. Box 2544
Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas 78403

Attn:  Richard L. Bowers

Secured Party:              Bank of America, N.A.
                                    700 Louisiana Street, 7th Floor
                                    Houston, Texas 77002

                                    Attn:  Mark Montgomery

This Financing Statement covers goods described herein by item or type some or all of which are affixed or are to be affixed to the real property described in Exhibit A attached hereto.

Deed of T




2.1       Grant of Lien; Habendum Clause. 4

2.2       Subrogation. 5


3.1       Lien of this Instrument 5

3.2       Litigation. 5

3.3       Acknowledgment by Grantor 5

3.4       Environmental 5


4.1       Payment and Performance. 5

4.2       Payment of Impositions. 6

4.3       Repair 6

4.4       Insurance. 6

4.5       Restoration Following Casualty. 7

4.6       Defense of Title. 7

4.7       Future Impositions. 7

4.8       Environmental Indemnification. 7

4.9       Information About Mortgaged Property. 7

4.10     Further Assurances. 8

4.11     Appraisal 8


5.1       Use Violations. 8

5.2       Alterations. 8

5.3       Prohibition on Transfer 8

5.4       Replacement of Fixtures and Personalty. 8

5.5       No Further Encumbrances. 9


6.1       Remedies. 9

6.2       Divestment of Rights, Tenant at Sufferance. 11

6.3       Separate Sales. 12

6.4       Remedies Cumulative, Concurrent, and Nonexclusive. 12

6.5       Release of and Resort to Collateral 12

6.6       Waiver of Redemption, Notice, and Marshaling of Assets. 13

6.7       Discontinuance of Proceedings. 13

6.8       Application of Proceeds, Deficiency Obligation. 13

6.9       Purchase by Beneficiary. 13

6.10     Disaffirmation of Contracts. 13

6.11     Waiver and Deficiency Suit 14




8.1       Security Interest 15

8.2       Financing Statements. 15

8.3       Uniform Commercial Code Remedies. 15

8.4       No Obligation of the Trustee or Beneficiary. 15


9.1       No Liability. 15

9.2       Retention of Monies. 16

9.3       Successor Trustee. 16

9.4       Succession Instruments. 16

9.5       Performance of Duties by Lenders. 16


10.1     Survival of Obligations. 16

10.2     Covenants Running with the Land. 17

10.3     Recording and Filing. 17

10.4     Notices. 17

10.5     No Waiver 17

10.6     Beneficiary's Right to Pay Indebtedness or Perform Obligations. 17

10.7     Limitation on Effectiveness of Lien. 18

10.8     Governing Law.. 18

10.9     Multiple Counterparts and Facsimile Signatures. 18

10.10   Arbitration; Waiver of Jury Trial. 18

10.11   Entirety. 19

Deed of T                                                                          ii


Exhibit A          Description of Land

Exhibit B          Permitted Encumbrances



STATE OF TEXAS                  §
COUNTY OF NUECES           §

This DEED OF TRUST, SECURITY AGREEMENT AND UCC FINANCING STATEMENT FOR FIXTURE FILING (as amended, restated, or supplemented, this " Deed of Trust ") is executed as of December 13, 2005, by TOR MINERALS INTERNATIONAL, INC., a Delaware corporation (" Grantor "), to PRLAP, Inc., a Texas corporation, Trustee, and its successors in the trust hereby created (such Trustee and any successors in trust, the " Trustee ") for the benefit of Bank of America, N.A., a national banking association (" Beneficiary ").


.  Unless otherwise defined in this Deed of Trust, or unless the context otherwise requires, each capitalized term used in this Deed of Trust shall have the meaning given such term in the Loan Agreement, as hereinafter defined.  As used in this Deed of Trust, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Beneficiary means Bank of America, N.A., a national banking association, and its successors and assigns.

Debtor Relief Laws means Title 11 of the United States Code and all other applicable liquidation, conservatorship, bankruptcy, fraudulent transfer, assignment for the benefit of creditors, moratorium, rearrangement, receivership, insolvency, reorganization, suspension of payments, or similar debtor relief Laws of the United States or other applicable jurisdictions from time to time in effect and affecting the rights of creditors generally.

Default means an "Event of Default" as defined in the Loan Agreement.

Fixtures means all materials, supplies, equipment, apparatus, and other items now or hereafter attached to, installed on or in the Land or the Improvements, or which in some fashion are deemed to be fixtures to the Land or Improvements under the laws of the State of Texas, including the Texas Business and Commerce Code, other than those owned by tenants under any Lease.  The term " Fixture " shall include, without limitation, all items of Personalty to the extent that the same may be deemed fixtures under applicable law or Legal Requirements.

Governmental Authority means any nation or government, any state or other political subdivision thereof, any agency, authority, instrumentality, regulatory body, court, administrative tribunal, central bank or other entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, taxing, regulatory or administrative powers or functions of, or pertaining to, government.

Grantor means the above defined Grantor and any and all subsequent record or equitable owners of the Mortgaged Property.

Deed of T                                                                          1

Impositions means all real estate and personal property taxes; water, gas, sewer, electricity, and other utility rates and charges; charges for any easement, license, or agreement maintained for the benefit of the Mortgaged Property, and all other taxes, standby fees, charges, and assessments and any interest, costs, or penalties with respect thereto of any kind and or character whatsoever which at any time before or after the execution of this Deed of Trust may be assessed, levied, or imposed upon the Mortgaged Property or the ownership, use, occupancy, or enjoyment thereof.

Improvements means all buildings, structures, open parking areas, and other improvements, and any and all accessions, additions, replacements, substitutions, or alterations thereof or appurtenances thereto, now or at any time hereafter situated, placed, constructed, or renovated upon the Land or any part thereof.

Indebtedness means (a) the Obligation (as defined below), including, without limitation, amounts that would become due but for operation of any applicable provision of Title 11 of the United States Code (including 11 U.S.C. §§ 502 and 506), together with all pre- and post-maturity interest thereon, which shall include, without limitation, all post-petition interest if Grantor voluntarily or involuntarily files for bankruptcy protection, (b) all indebtedness, liabilities, and obligations of Grantor arising under this Deed of Trust, (c) interest accruing on, and reasonable attorneys' fees, court costs, and other costs of collection reasonably incurred in the collection or enforcement of, any of the indebtedness, liabilities, or obligations described in clauses (a) and (b) above, and (d) any and all renewals and extensions of, or amendments to, any of the indebtedness, liabilities, and obligations described in clauses (a) through (c) above, together with all funds hereafter advanced by Beneficiary to or for the benefit of Grantor as contemplated by any covenant or provision contained in any Loan Document including this Deed of Trust, it being contemplated that Grantor may hereafter become indebted to Beneficiary in further sum or sums.

Land means the real estate or any interest therein described in Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof, together with all Improvements and Fixtures and all rights, titles, and interests appurtenant thereto.

Laws means, collectively , all international, foreign, Federal, state and local statutes, treaties, rules, guidelines, regulations, ordinances, codes and administrative or judicial precedents or authorities, including the interpretation or administration thereof by any Governmental Authority charged with the enforcement, interpretation or administration thereof, and all applicable administrative orders, requests, licenses, authorizations and permits of, and agreements with, any Governmental Authority (whether or not such orders, requests, licenses, authorizations, permits or agreements have the force of law).

Leases means any and all leases, subleases, licenses, concessions, or other agreements (written or oral, now or hereafter in effect) which grant a possessory interest in and to, or the right to extract from, mine, occupy, sell or use the Mortgaged Property, and all other agreements, including, but not limited to, utility contracts, maintenance agreements, and service contracts which in any way relate to the use, occupancy, operations, maintenance, enjoyment, or ownership of the Mortgaged Property, save and except any and all leases, subleases, or other agreements pursuant to which Grantor is granted a possessory interest in the Land.

Deed of T                                                                          2

Lien means any lien (statutory or other), mortgage, security interest, financing statement, collateral assignment, pledge, assignment, charge, hypothecation, deposit arrangement or preference, priority or other security interest or preferential arrangement of any kind or nature whatsoever (including any conditional sale or other title retention agreement, and any financing lease having substantially the same economic effect as any of the foregoing), or encumbrance of any kind, and any other right of or arrangement with any creditor (whether based on common law, constitutional provision, statute or contract) to have its claim satisfied out of any property or assets, or their proceeds, before the claims of the general creditors of the owner of the property or assets.

Legal Requirements means (a) any and all present and future Laws in any way applicable to Grantor, or the Mortgaged Property, including but not limited to those respecting the ownership, use, occupancy, possession, operation, maintenance, alteration, repair, or reconstruction thereof, (b) Grantor's presently or subsequently effective organizational documents, (c) any and all Leases and other contracts (written or oral) of any nature to which Grantor may be bound, and (d) any and all restrictions, reservations, conditions, easements, or other covenants or agreements of record affecting the Mortgaged Property.

Mortgaged Property means the Land, Improvements, Fixtures, Personalty, Leases, and Rents, together with:

(a)                all rights, privileges, tenements, hereditaments, rights‑of‑way, easements, appendages, and appurtenances in anywise appertaining thereto, and all of Grantor's right, title and interest in and to any streets, ways, alleys, strips, or gores of land adjoining the Land or any part therein;

(b)                all betterments, accessions, additions, appurtenances, substitutions, replacements, and revisions thereof and thereto and all reversions and remainders therein; and

(c)                all other interest of every kind and character which Grantor now has or at anytime hereafter acquires in and to the above described and all property which is used or useful in connection therewith, including rights of ingress and egress, easements, licenses, and all reversionary rights or interests of Grantor with respect to such property.  To the extent permitted by applicable law and the Legal Requirements, all of the Personalty and Fixtures are to be deemed and held to be a part of and affixed to the Land. 

As used in this Deed of Trust, the term " Mortgaged Property " is expressly defined as meaning all or any portion of the above and any interest therein.

Loan Agreement means that certain Third Amended and Restated Loan Agreement dated as of even date herewith, between Grantor and Beneficiary, as amended, supplemented, restated or otherwise modified from time to time.

Obligation means all present and future debt, liabilities and obligations (including the obligations under any Swap Contract), whether direct or indirect (including those acquired by assumption), absolute or contingent, due or to become due, and all renewals, increases and extensions thereof, or any part thereof, now or in the future owed to Assignee by Assignor under any Loan Document, together with all interest accruing thereon, reasonable fees, costs and expenses payable under the Loan Documents or in connection with the enforcement of any rights under the Loan Documents, including interest and fees that accrue after the commencement by or against Assignee of any proceeding under any Debtor Relief Law naming such party as the debtor in such proceeding, regardless of whether such interest and fees are allowed claims in such proceeding.

Permitted Encumbrances means (a) the Liens, easements, building lines, restrictions, security interests, and other matters (if any) as set out on attached Exhibit B and (b) the Liens in favor of Lender.

Deed of T                                                                          3

Person means any individual, partnership, limited partnership, corporation, limited liability company, business trust, joint stock company, trust, unincorporated association, joint venture, syndicate, Governmental Authority or other entity or organization of whatever nature.

Personalty means all of Grantor's right, title, and interest in and to all tangible and intangible personal property, whether or not Fixtures or otherwise constituting fixtures under the Texas Business and Commerce Code, including all equipment, inventory, goods, consumer goods, accounts, chattel paper, instruments, money, general intangibles, documents, minerals, crops, and timber (as those terms are defined in the Texas Business and Commerce Code) which are attached to, installed, placed or used on or in connection with, or is acquired for such attachment, installation, placement, or use, or which arises out of the improvement, financing, leasing, operation, or use of, the Land, the Improvements, Fixtures, or other goods located on the Land or Improvements, together with all additions, accessions, accessories, amendments, and modifications thereto, extensions, renewals, enlargements, and proceeds thereof, substitutions therefor, and income and profits therefrom.  The following are included, without limitation, in the definition of Personalty : furnishings, building materials, supplies, machines, engines, boilers, stokers, pumps, fans, vents, blowers, dynamos, furnaces, elevators, ducts, shafts, pipes, furniture cabinets, shades, blinds, screens; plumbing, heating, air conditioning, lighting, lifting, ventilating, refrigerating, cooking, medical, laundry and incinerating equipment; partitions, drapes, carpets, rugs and other floor coverings, and awnings; call and sprinkler systems, fire prevention and extinguishing apparatus and equipment, water tanks, compressors, vacuum cleaning systems; disposals, swimming pools, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, kitchen equipment, and cafeteria equipment; recreational equipment; loan commitments, financing arrangements, bonds, leases, licenses, permits, sales contracts, insurance policies, and the proceeds therefrom, plans and specifications, surveys, rent rolls, books and records, funds, bank deposits; all trademarks, service marks, trade names, and symbols used in connection therewith; any award, remuneration, settlement, or compensation heretofore made or hereafter to be made by any Tribunal to Grantor, including those for any vacation of or change of grade in any streets affecting the Land or the Improvements; all plans and specifications for the Improvements; all contracts and subcontracts relating to the Improvements; all deposits (including tenants' security deposits), funds, accounts, contract rights or documents; arising from or by virtue of any transactions involving an interest in the property described herein; all permits, licenses, franchises, certificates, and other rights and privileges obtained in connection with the property described herein; all proceeds arising from or by virtue of the sale, lease, or other disposal of all or any part of the Mortgaged Property (consent to same not granted or to be implied hereby); and all proceeds (including premium refunds) payable or to be payable under each policy of insurance relating to the Mortgaged Property.

Rents means all of the rents, revenues, income, proceeds, royalties, profits, and other benefits paid or payable for using, leasing, licensing, possessing, operating from or in, residing in, selling, mining, extracting, or otherwise enjoying or using the Mortgaged Property.


2.1               Grant of Lien; Habendum Clause

Deed of T                                                                          4

.  To secure the full and timely payment of the Indebtedness and the full and timely performance and discharge of Grantor's obligations under this Deed of Trust, Grantor has GRANTED, BARGAINED, SOLD, and CONVEYED, and by these presents does GRANT, BARGAIN, SELL, and CONVEY unto the Trustee the Mortgaged Property, subject to the Permitted Encumbrances, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the Mortgaged Property unto the Trustee, the Trustee's successors in trust, and the Trustee's assigns forever, in trust with power of sale, and Grantor does hereby bind itself, its successors, legal representatives, and assigns to warrant and forever defend the title to the Mortgaged Property unto the Trustee against every Person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof by, through or under Grantor, but not otherwise; provided that, if the Indebtedness has been irrevocably paid in full and the Beneficiary's commitment to lend under the Loan Agreement has finally terminated, then the Liens, security interests, estates, and rights granted in this Deed of Trust shall terminate; otherwise the same shall remain in full force and effect.

2.2               Subrogation

.  The Trustee and Beneficiary are hereby subrogated to the claims and liens of all parties whose claims or liens are fully or partially discharged or paid with the proceeds of the Indebtedness secured by this Deed of Trust, notwithstanding that such claims or liens may have been cancelled and satisfied of record.


.  Grantor acknowledges that certain representations and warranties in the Loan Agreement are applicable to it and confirms that each such representation and warranty is true and correct.  Furthermore, Grantor hereby unconditionally warrants and represents to the Beneficiaries as follows:

3.1               Lien of this Instrument

.  This Deed of Trust constitutes a valid, subsisting lien on the Land, the Improvements, and the Fixtures, and a valid, subsisting security interest in and to the Personalty.

3.2               Litigation

.  There are no actions, suits, or proceedings pending or, to the knowledge of Grantor, threatened against or affecting the Mortgaged Property or involving the validity or enforceability of this Deed of Trust or the priority of the lien and security interest hereof.

3.3               Acknowledgment by Grantor

.  Grantor acknowledges that the execution and delivery of this Deed of Trust is a requirement to Beneficiary's extension of credit to Grantor under the Loan Agreement and is an integral part of the transactions contemplated by the Loan Documents and is a condition precedent to the effectiveness of the Loan Agreement.

3.4               Environmental

.  In addition to the representations set out above, Grantor expressly incorporates into this Deed of Trust, and restates, the representation set forth in Section 3.J of the Loan Agreement.


.  Grantor acknowledges that certain covenants in the Loan Agreement are applicable to it and Grantor covenants and agrees to comply with each of them.  Furthermore, Grantor hereby unconditionally covenants and agrees with Beneficiary as follows, until the entire Indebtedness is paid and performed in full and the Beneficiary's commitment to lend under the Loan Agreement is finally terminated:

4.1               Payment and Performance

Deed of T                                                                          5

.  Grantor will pay the Indebtedness as and when called for in the Loan Documents and will perform all of its obligations under this Deed of Trust on or before the dates they are to be performed.

4.2               Payment of Impositions

.  Grantor will pay and discharge, or cause to be paid and discharged, the Impositions and Grantor's obligations to materialmen, mechanics, carriers, warehousemen, or other like Persons as and when required to be paid pursuant to the terms of the Loan Agreement unless contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings.

4.3               Repair

.  Grantor will keep the Mortgaged Property in good order and condition and presenting a good appearance and will make all repairs and replacements, renewals, additions, betterments, improvements and alterations thereof and thereto, interior and exterior, structural and nonstructural, ordinary and extraordinary, foreseen and unforeseen, which are necessary or reasonably appropriate to keep same in such order and condition.  Grantor will also use its best efforts to prevent any act or occurrence which might materially impair the value or usefulness of the Mortgaged Property for its intended usages as set forth in any plans and specifications for the Improvements submitted to Beneficiary or in the Loan Documents.  In instances where repairs, replacements, renewals, additions, betterments, improvements, or alterations are required in and to the Mortgaged Property on an emergency basis to prevent loss, damage, waste or destruction thereof, Grantor shall proceed to construct same, or cause same to be constructed, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in Section 5.2 below; provided that , in instances where such emergency measures are to be taken, Grantor will promptly notify Beneficiary in writing of the commencement of such emergency measures and, when same are completed, the completion date and the measures actually taken.

4.4               Insurance

Deed of T                                                                          6

.  In addition to the requirements of Section 4.E of the Loan Agreement, Grantor shall obtain and maintain insurance upon and relating to the Mortgaged Property insuring against personal injury and death, loss by fire and such other hazards, casualties, and contingencies (including but not limited to fire, lightning, hail, windstorm, explosion, malicious mischief, vandalism, and rent loss or extra expense insurance covering loss of Rents) as are covered by extended coverage policies in effect where the Land is located and such other risks as may be reasonably specified by Beneficiary from time to time, all in such amounts and with such insurers of recognized responsibility as are reasonably acceptable to Beneficiary; provided that , absent written direction from Beneficiary, such insurance shall be in an amount not less than the full insurable replacement value of the Mortgaged Property.  If, and to the extent that the Mortgaged Property is located within an area that has been or is hereafter designated or identified as an area having any type of flood, mudslide, or flood-related erosion hazard by the Federal Emergency Management Agency or by such other official as shall from time to time be authorized by federal or state law to make such designation pursuant to the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as such act may from time to time be amended and in effect, or pursuant to any other national or state program of flood insurance, Grantor shall carry flood insurance with respect to the Mortgaged Property in an amount not less than the maximum amount available under the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 and the regulations issued pursuant thereto, as amended from time to time, in form complying with the "insurance purchase" requirement of that Act.  Each insurance policy issued in connection with the Mortgaged Property shall provide, by way of endorsements, riders, or otherwise, that proceeds will be payable to Beneficiary as its interest may appear and should be cancelable only after Beneficiary is given thirty (30) days written notice of such cancellation.  All renewal and substitute policies of insurance or certified copies thereof shall be delivered at the office of Beneficiary, premiums then due and payable paid, at least fifteen (15) days before termination of policies theretofore delivered to Beneficiary.  Beneficiary shall have the right, but not the obligation, to make premium payments, at Grantor's expense, to prevent any cancellation, endorsement, alteration or reissuance, and such payments shall be accepted by the insurer to prevent same.

4.5               Restoration Following Casualty

.  If any act or occurrence of any kind or nature (including any casualty for which insurance was not obtained or obtainable) shall result in damage to or loss or destruction of the Mortgaged Property, Grantor shall give notice thereof to Beneficiary.  If any of the Mortgaged Property covered by insurance is destroyed or damaged by any casualty against which insurance shall have been required hereunder, the Beneficiary shall have the right to collect, and the Grantor hereby assigns to the Beneficiary, any an all monies that may become payable under any insurance policies required hereunder by reason of damage to, or loss or destruction of the Mortgaged Property or any part thereof.  The Beneficiary may apply said monies, or any part thereof, to the Obligations in the order and manner in its sole discretion. 

4.6               Defense of Title

.  If the title of the Trustee to, or the interest of Beneficiary in, the Mortgaged Property or any part thereof, shall be endangered or shall be attacked, directly or indirectly, Grantor shall, at Grantor's expense, take all necessary and proper steps for the defense of such title or interest, including the employment of counsel, the prosecution or defense of litigation, and the compromise or discharge of claims made against such title or interest in the Mortgaged Property.  In the event of Grantor's failure or inability to proceed initially as provided above, the Trustee and Beneficiary or either of them (whether or not named as parties to legal proceedings with respect thereto) are hereby authorized and empowered to take, at Grantor's expense, such additional steps as in their reasonable judgment may be necessary or proper for the defense of any such legal proceedings or the protection of the validity or priority of this Deed of Trust and the rights, titles, liens and security interests created or evidenced hereby.

4.7               Future Impositions

.  If at any time any law shall be enacted imposing or authorizing the imposition of any tax upon this Deed of Trust or upon any rights, titles, liens, or security interests created hereby, or any part thereof, Grantor shall promptly pay all such taxes to the extent it can lawfully do so.  In the event of the enactment of such a law, if it is unlawful for Grantor to pay such taxes, payment of such tax shall be deemed an obligation which Beneficiary may pay pursuant to Section 10.6 of this Deed of Trust.

4.8               Environmental Indemnification

.  In addition to the covenants set out in Sections 4 and  5 of this Deed of Trust, Grantor expressly incorporates into this Deed of Trust, and restates, the indemnification set forth in Section 10.L of the Loan Agreement.

4.9               Information About Mortgaged Property

Deed of T                                                                          7

.  Grantor will maintain at its chief executive office, a current record of the location of all Mortgaged Property, and furnish to Beneficiary, at such intervals as Beneficiary may reasonably request, lists, descriptions, and other information as may be necessary or proper to keep Beneficiary informed with respect to the identity, location, status, condition and value of the Mortgaged Property.  Grantor will promptly notify Beneficiary of any change in any material fact or circumstance represented or warranted by Grantor with respect to any of the Mortgaged Property, or any material claim, action or proceeding affecting title to any of the Mortgaged Property.

4.10            Further Assurances

. Grantor will from time to time promptly execute and deliver to Beneficiary all such other assignments, certificates, supplemental documents, and financing statements, and do all other acts or things as Beneficiary may reasonably request in order to more fully create, evidence, perfect, continue and preserve the priority of the Lien created by this Deed of Trust.

4.11            Appraisal

.  Grantor shall be liable for the costs, fees, and expenses relating to (a) the appraisal of the Mortgaged Property to be delivered prior to the date of this Deed of Trust, (b) one additional appraisal of the Mortgaged Property if required by Beneficiary in its reasonable judgment and in accordance with its customary practices prior to full and complete payment of the Indebtedness, and (c) any appraisal of the Mortgaged Property as may be required by government regulators or auditors or the Beneficiary's internal policies.  Grantor is required to reimburse Beneficiary for the cost and expense of any appraisal obtained in connection with this Deed of Trust.  Such reimbursement shall be due within ten (10) days after Beneficiary's written request for reimbursement.


.  Grantor acknowledges that certain covenants in the Loan Agreement are applicable to it and covenants and agrees to comply with each of them.  Furthermore, Grantor hereby covenants and agrees that, until the entire Indebtedness is paid in full and the Beneficiary's commitment to lend under the Loan Agreement is finally terminated:

5.1               Use Violations

.  Grantor will not use, maintain, operate, or occupy, or allow the use, maintenance, operation, or occupancy of the Mortgaged Property in any manner which, in case of any of the following would constitute a Material Adverse Event, (a) violates any Legal Requirement, (b) may be dangerous unless safeguarded as required by law, or (c) constitutes a public or private nuisance.

5.2               Alterations

.  Grantor will not commit or permit any waste of the Mortgaged Property that would constitute a Material Adverse Event on its value as security for the Indebtedness and will not (subject to the provisions of Section 4.3 herein), without the advance written notice to Beneficiary, make or permit to be made any alterations or additions to the Mortgaged Property of a material nature.

5.3               Prohibition on Transfer

.  Grantor will not sell, trade, transfer, assign, exchange, or otherwise dispose of any of the Mortgaged Property.

5.4               Replacement of Fixtures and Personalty

Deed of T                                                                          8

.  Grantor will not, without Beneficiary's prior written consent, permit any of the Fixtures or Personalty to be removed at any time from the Land or Improvements unless the removed item is removed temporarily for maintenance and repair or, if removed permanently, is replaced by an article of equal suitability and value, owned by Grantor, free and clear of any lien or security interest except such as may be first approved in writing by Beneficiary or any Permitted Encumbrance.

5.5               No Further Encumbrances

.  Grantor will not, without Beneficiary's prior written consent, create, place, suffer, or permit to be created or placed or, through any act or failure to act, acquiesce in the placing of or allow to remain, any mortgage, pledge, lien (statutory, constitutional, or contractual), security interest, encumbrance, or charge on, or conditional sale or other title retention agreement, regardless of whether same are expressly subordinate to the liens of the Loan Documents, with respect to the Mortgaged Property, other than the Permitted Encumbrances.


6.1               Remedies

.  If a Default occurs and is continuing, Beneficiary m

continue to document