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Sales Agreement

Sales Agreement

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Date: 9/17/2010
Industry: Tobacco     Sector: Consumer/Non-Cyclical

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Exhibit 10.2





This Contract is made and entered into May 26 th 2010, by and between EL MANIEL INTERNATIONAL INC, ("EMLL") and JFK PETROLEUM INC ("JFK"), respectively.


WHEREAS JFK PETROLEUM INC of 1453, SALEM BLVD, BERWICK, PA 18630, USA is the owner of property and oil tanks at Route 11 and Cemetery Road, near Berwick, Pennsylvania USA;


WHEREAS EMLL of 13520 ORIENTAL ST, ROCKVILLE, MD 20853, USA is desirous of acquiring said land and tanks.


WHEREAS JFK is desirous of selling these assets to EMLL.


NOW THEREFORE the Parties hereby agree to enter into a Sales agreement as set out per the terms infra:


EMLL shall tender the sum of $10,000.00 to Laryssa Shainberg as a good faith deposit for the purchase of this asset. This deposit is non refundable and will be paid immediately upon signing of this agreement by Laryssa Shainberg to the bank account of Laryssa Shainberg by bank wire. EMLL has initiated a title search. Upon the results of a clean title, EMLL shall remit directly to Laryssa Shainberg the sum of $40,000.00 and Laryssa Shainberg will at the same time remit the title and deed to EMLL in exchange. The deed will be delivered and the purchase price paid as discussed above unless extended in writing by the parties. This sale is an AS IS sale.


EMLL shall tender to Laryssa Shainberg 1,000,000 common restricted shares of EMLL, with a committed buyback of $1.00 per share, at Shainberg's option, one year after issue date.


EMLL shall remit by wire $2,500 to Shainberg at the same time the $10,000 is remitted for the sold purposes of paying an outstanding tax bill to the County of Luzerne, PA. Shainberg agrees to remit this $2500 to the tax authorities in Luzerne County, PA as soon as she receives it.


EMLL has done the necessary due diligence already and will hold Laryssa Shainberg and JFK Petroleum, Inc. harmless for any liability or debt or penalty should anything arise in the future. Both parties understand that various activities would be necessary to do for this property and facility to operate as an energy facility in the State of Pennsylvania. EMLL has independently acquired help in this regard and release Shainberg and JFK from any further obligation or responsibilities in this regard. Shainberg has remitted to EMLL all documents from the various local, county and state authorities as to this site.


Either party may withdraw f

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