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A restaurant lease agreement is a document used when an individual or company rents a commercial space for a restaurant. The document may be between a restaurant owner and a landlord to outline the intended use of the property and each party's obligations. Restaurants require a more complex lease than most properties.

The contract may contain information regarding the property, its use, beginning and end date of the lease, and rent charges, and if a security deposit is required. Additional information may include utilities, damage fees, repairs, insurance, and other needed items.

The document may contain language about what the landlord considers proper use of the property, building capacity, information about alcoholic licenses, parking, signage and other pertinent business matters. The agreement may also contain information about the governing law of the location's state and city. The restaurant lease agreement may contain clauses regarding renewal of the lease, and if the restaurant owner may ask for “exclusive use” of the property, limiting the landlord from allowing competitors of a similar nature to rent in the same space.

Restaurant Lease Agreements

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