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Termination Agreement And Release

Release Agreement

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 This Release Agreement involves


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Date: 3/31/2006
Industry: Printing and Publishing     Sector: Services

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                                                                   Exhibit 10.20

                                December 20, 2005


Mr. Peter Lane
1219 Ravine Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5J 3E4


Dear Peter:

We are writing to document the terms of your amicable departure from Hollinger
International Inc. ("Hollinger International" or "the Company").

This agreement and release (the "Agreement and Release") sets forth the terms
and conditions of the termination of your employment with Hollinger

Please indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and Release on or before
December 23, 2005, by returning a fully executed copy of this letter to the
Company on or before that date, failing which the Company will have no
obligations under this Agreement and Release.

The Company is providing you a period of at least twenty-one days within which
to consider this Agreement and Release in order that you have sufficient time to
seek appropriate legal advice regarding this Agreement and Release.

                              AGREEMENT AND RELEASE

In consideration of the mutual benefits set out in this Agreement and Release
and other good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which Hollinger
International together with its parent corporations, affiliates, past and
present officers, directors, stockholders, agents, employees, publications,
legal representatives, successors, and assigns, (hereinafter collectively
referred to as, the "Company") and you, hereby acknowledge, the parties to this
Agreement and Release agree as follows:

1.    The date of termination of your employment from the Company shall be
     December 31, 2005 (the "Effective Date"). As of the Effective Date you
     shall cease to have any on-going relationship with the Company, including
     as an officer and or director for the Company or any of its subsidiaries.
     You shall receive your regular compensation until


Mr. Peter Lane
December 20, 2005
Page 2

     the Effective Date and shall continue to be an employee of the Company,
     performing your regular duties and responsibilities until the Effective

2.    You shall receive a lump sum payment for any accrued, unused vacation time,
     reduced by all applicable statutory withholdings, within thirty (30)
     calendar days of signing this Agreement and Release.

3.    Your termination shall be designated as an amicable departure (marked on
     your Record of Employment as "k" or "Other" and described as a
     "settlement") for purposes of Canadian unemployment insurance and for any
     pension benefits you may be eligible for under the Company's plan(s). The
     Company shall represent that as the basis for your termination to all third

4.    You shall receive a lump sum payment of Five Hundred Thousand (CDN
     $500,000.00) Canadian Dollars equal to one full year of your base wage
     (less applicable statutory and other deductions) as a severance in lieu of
     notice, within thirty (30) calendar days of signing this Agreement and

5.    The Company will discontinue you and your dependents from all Hollinger
     sponsored benefit programs effective December 31, 2005. In lieu of benefit
     continuation, the Company shall pay you a one time lump sum of Thirteen
     Thousand (CDN $13,000.00) Canadian Dollars, within thirty (30) calendar
     days of the Effective Date.

6.    The Company shall reimburse you for outplacement services at a Canadian
     firm of your choosing up to a maximum amount of Seventy Five Thousand (CDN
     $75,000.00) Canadian Dollars.

7.    As further consideration, the Company shall pay you an additional lump sum
     of Three Hundred Thousand (CDN $300,000.00) Canadian Dollars, less
     applicable statutory and other deductions as a retiring allowance, within
     thirty (30) calendar days of the Effective Date.

8.    The Company agrees to transfer its ownership of the home office equipment
     used by you, consisting of a printer/facsimile/copier, an RIM Blackberry
     communications device and a laptop computer, to you, provided you allow the
     Company to remove any and all proprietary information from the equipment,
     prior to the Effective Date. Additionally, the Company shall reimburse you
     for the monthly service charges associated with the RIM Blackberry, for a
     period of one year from the Effective Date, provided you arrange to have
     your messages routed to a private email account.

9.    The Company agrees to reimburse you for the cost of legal fees for the
     negotiations of this Agreement and Release, to a maximum amount of Seven
     Thousand (CDN $7,000.00) Canadian Dollars.


Mr. Peter Lane
December 20, 2005
Page 3


1.    You, Peter Lane (which term includes your agents, heirs, executors,
     administrators, successors, and assigns), hereby remise, release and
     forever discharge the Company, it's direct and indirect subsidiary
     companies, and all related entities, their officers, directors, servants,
     employees, agents and assigns and each of their heirs administrators,
     successors and assigns (hereinafter referred to as "Releasee") from any and
     all manner of demands, actions, causes of actions, suits, contracts,
      claims, damages, costs and expenses of any nature or kind whatsoever,
     whether in law or in equity, which as against the Releasee or any of them
     you have ever had, now have, or at anytime you or your personal
     representative can, shall or may have, by reason of or arising out of your
     employment with the Releasee, the termination from your employment with the
     Releasee, including but not limited to any of all claims for damages
     arising from the termination from your employment, constructive
     termination, loss of position, loss of status, loss of future job
     opportunity, loss of opportunity to enhance your reputation, the timing of
     the termination and the manner in which it was effected, loss of bonuses,
     loss of benefits including life insurance and short and long-term
     disability benefit coverage and any other type of damages by indemnity or

2.    You further agree (except for any vested or accrued benefits to which you
     are entitled under the Company's employee benefit plans and any rights you
     may have under COBRA) to WAIVE any and all rights in connection with, and
     to fully RELEASE and forever discharge the Company from, any and all torts,
     contracts, claims, suits, actions, causes of action, demands, rights,
     damages, costs, expenses, attorneys fees, and compensation in any form
     whatsoever, whether now known or unknown, which you have (up through and
     including the date hereof) against the Company on account of or in any way
     growing out of your employment by the Company or your separation therefrom,
     including but not limited to, any and all claims for damages or injury to
     any entity, person, property or reputation arising therefrom, claims for
      wages, employment benefits, tort claims and claims under Title VII of the
     Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Civil Rights
     Act of 1866, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the
     National Labor Relations Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the
     Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the
     Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the New York Fair Employment
     Practice Act, the Ives-Quinn Act, the New York Wage Payment Act, the
     Illinois Human Rights Act, the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act,
     the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance, the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance
     and any other federal, state or local law, statute, ordinance, guideline,
     regulation, order or common-law principle of any state relating to
     employment, employment contracts, wrongful discharge or any other matter.

     Release of Age Discrimination Claims. In further consideration of the
     promises made by the Company in this Agreement and Release, you
     specifically release the Company from all claims or rights you may have as
     of the date you

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