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Commercial Real Estate Sale Contract

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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 This Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement involves

Western Express Holdings, | Western Express, Inc. | Western Properties | Wayne M. Wise | Richard Prickett

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Governing Law: Tennessee     Date: 11/14/2005

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                                                                    EXHIBIT 10.4





      1. This Contract is made this Nineteenth day of August, 2005 by and

between Western Properties SELLER, and Western Express, Inc., BUYER.


      2. Witnesseth: The Seller hereby sells to the Buyer the following

described real estate, together with all improvements thereon, including, if

any, gas heaters, central ventilating, air-conditioning, lighting, heating, and

plumbing equipment and fixtures, in Davidson County, State of Tennessee, to wit:

7135 Centennial Place, Nashville, Tennessee 37209.


      3. This sale is subject, however, to any recorded restrictions, easements,

party wall agreements, community contracts, and zoning laws.


      4. The purchase price is Eleven Million Nine Hundred Forty Thousand

Dollars ($11,940,000.00), or current value as appraised. The amount due shall be

paid by satisfaction of existing encumbrances, cash and or notes payable to



      5. The rental from said property, and the interest on any existing

mortgages or Deeds of Trust to which this sale is made subject, shall be

prorated between the Seller and the Buyer as of the date of the delivery of the



      6. The Seller shall pay all taxes, general and special, and all

assessments, which are a lien on said property and can be paid at the date of

this contract, except that (1) all general state, county, school and municipal

taxes (exclusive of rebates, penalties or interest) payable during the calendar

year in which the deed is delivered and (2) installments due for the year in

which the delivery of the deed occurs for general or special assessments or both

being paid on an installment basis (future installments shall be assumed and

paid by the Buyer and shall not be paid by Seller under this paragraph) shall be

prorated between the Seller and the Buyer on the basis of the said calendar

year, as of the date of delivery of the deed. If the amount of any such tax to

be prorated cannot then be ascertained, proration shall be computed on the

amount thereof for the preceding year.


      7. Seller shall furnish the Buyer an Owner's Title Insurance Policy,

unless waived by Buyer, in the amount of the purchase price from a company

authorized to insure titles in this state, insuring a merchantable fee simple

title in the Buyer subject to provisions of this contract as of the date of

recording the deed. The Seller shall deliver to the Buyer a commitment for said

policy and upon receipt of said commitment Buyer shall have 10 days to examine

the commitment and state in written for

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