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Commercial Real Estate Purchase Contract

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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 This Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement involves

Commercial Real Estate | PFE Properties, LLC

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Date: 5/10/2007

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Exhibit 99.1


This is a legally binding contract. Parties to this Commercial Real Estate
Contract ("Contract") may agree, in writing, to alter or delete provisions
of this Contract. Seek advice from your attorney or tax advisor before
entering into a binding contract.


On this day 1st day of May, 2007, (Offer Reference Date") Don L. Buehner
("Buyer") offers to purchase from PFE Properties, L.L.C. ("Seller") the Property
described below and hereby delivers to the Brokerage or Title/Escrow Company, as
Earnest Money, the amount of $50,000.00 in the form of check which, upon
Acceptance of this offer by all parties (as defined in Section 23), shall be
deposited in accordance with state law. Brokerage or Title/Escrow Company Equity
Title Insurance Agency Address: 6550 S. Millrock Road #125 Received by: David
Delahunty on _______ (Date) Phone:

(Signature above acknowledges receipt of Earnest Money)


1. Property (General Description): The "Cirtran" Property

Address: 4125 S. 6000 West City: West Valley City County: Salt Lake State: Utah
----------------- ---------------- --------- ----

County Tax I.D. # 20-02-200-021 (the "Property")

For legal description (Check Applicable Box): [ ] SEE ADDENDUM #
[X] COMMITMENT FOR TITLE INSURANCE as provided in Section 7(b).

1.1 Included Items. Unless excluded herein, this sale includes all
fixtures presently attached to the Property. The following personal property
shall also be included in this sale and conveyed under separate Bill of Sale
with warranties as to title: None

1.2 Excluded Items. These items are excluded from this sale:
2. PURCHASE PRICE. The Purchase Price for the Property is $ .
The Purchase Price will be paid as follows:
$50,000.00 (a) Earnest Money Deposit
$ (b) New Loan. Buyer will apply for one or more of
------------ the following loans:
[ ] Conventional [ ] SBA [ ] Other specify)
Buyer shall have the right to approve the terms and
conditions of the new loan as provided in Section 8
$ (c) Loan Assumption Addendum (See attached
------------ Assumption Addendum if applicable)

$ (d) Seller Financing (see attached Seller
------------ Financing Addendum if applicable)

$ (e) Other (specify)

$2,450,000.00 (f) Balance of Purchase Price in Cash at Settlement

$2,500,000.00 PURCHASE PRICE. Total of lines (a) through (f)

3. SETTLEMENT AND CLOSING. Settlement shall take place on the Settlement
Deadline referenced in Section 24(c), or on a date upon which Buyer and Seller
agree in writing. "Settlement" shall occur only when all of the following have
been completed: (a) Buyer and Seller have signed and delivered to each other or
to the escrow/closing office all documents required by this Contract, by the
lender, by written escrow instructions or by applicable law; (b) any monies
required to be paid by Buyer under these documents (except for the proceeds of
any new loan) have been delivered by Buyer to Seller or to the escrow/closing
office in the form of collected or cleared funds; and (c) any monies required to
be paid by Seller under these documents have been delivered by Seller to Buyer
or to the escrow/closing office in the form of collected or cleared funds.
Seller and Buyer shall each pay one-half (1/2) of the fee charged by the


escrow/closing office for its services in the settlement/closing process. Taxes
and assessments for the current year, rents, and interest on assumed obligations
shall be prorated at Settlement as set forth in this Section. Tenant deposits
(including, but not limited to, security deposits and prepaid rents) shall be
paid or credited by Seller to Buyer at Settlement. Prorations set forth in this
Section shall be made as of the Settlement Deadline date referenced in Section
24(c), unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties. Such writing could
include the settlement statement. For purposes of this Contract, "Closing" means
that: (i) Settlement has been completed;(ii) the proceeds of any new loan have
been delivered by the lender to Seller or to the escrow/closing office; and
(iii) the applicable Closing documents have been recorded in the office of the
county recorder.

4. POSSESSION. Seller shall deliver physical possession to Buyer within:

Any rental of the Property prior to or after Closing, between Buyer and Seller,
shall be by separate written agreement.

acknowledge prior receipt of written agency disclosure provided by their
respective Buyer's Agent or Seller's Agent that has disclosed the agency
relationships that are confirmed below. Buyer and Seller further acknowledge
that Brokerage Fees due as a result of this transaction are being paid based
upon the terms of a separate written agreement. At the signing of this

Seller's Agent West Haradin & Greg Pavich, represents [ ] Seller [ ] Buyer
[X] both Buyer and Seller as a Limited Agent;

Seller's Brokerage Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT, represents [ ] Seller
[ ] Buyer [X] both Buyer and Seller as a Limited Agent;

Buyer's Agent, West Haradin, represents [ ] Seller [ ] Buyer [X] both Buyer
and Seller as a Limited Agent;

Buyer's Brokerage, Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT, represents [ ] Seller
[X] Buyer [ ] both Buyer and Seller as a Limited Agent;

(a) [X] BUYER [ ] SELLER [ ] IS [ ] IS NOT a licensed real estate agent
in the State of Utah.

(a) Seller represents that Seller has fee simple title to the Property and
will convey good and marketable title to Buyer at Closing by: [X ]GENERAL
WARRANTY DEED [ ] SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED, free of financial encumbrances except
as provided under Section 10.1.
(b) At Settlement, Seller agrees to pay for a standard-coverage owner's
policy of title insurance insuring Buyer in the amount of the Purchase Price.
The title policy shall conform with Seller's obligations under Section 10.1 and
with the Commitment for Title Insurance as agreed to by Buyer under Section 8.
TITLE INSURANCE. The cost of this coverage (including the ALTA survey), above
that of the standard-coverage Owner's policy, shall be paid for at Settlement
by: [ ] BUYER [ ] SELLER [ ] OTHER ______ .

7. SELLER DISCLOSURES. No later than the Seller Disclosure Deadline referenced
in Section 24(a), Seller shall provide to Buyer the following documents which
are collectively referred to as the "Seller Disclosures":

(a) a Seller property condition disclosure for the Property, signed and
dated by Seller;
(b) a Commitment for Title Insurance on the Property;
(c) a copy of all leases and rental agreements now in effect with regard to
the Property together with a current rent roll;
(d) operating statements of the Property for its last N/A full fiscal years
of operation plus the current fiscal year through N/A , certified by
the Seller or by an independent auditor;
(e) copies in Seller's possession, if any, of any studies and/or reports
which have previously been done on the Property, including without
limitation, environmental reports, soils studies, site plans and
(f) written notice of any claims and/or conditions known to Seller relating
to environmental problems and building or zoning code violations; and
(g) Other (specify)N/A


purchase under this Contract (check applicable boxes):

(a) [ ] IS [X] IS NOT conditioned upon Buyer's approval of the content of all
the Seller Disclosures referenced in Section 7;
(b) [ ] IS [X] IS NOT conditioned upon Buyer's approval of a physical condition
inspection of the Property;
(c) [ ] IS [X] IS NOT conditioned upon Buyer's approval of a survey of the
Property by a licensed surveyor ("Survey");
(d) [ ] IS [X] IS NOT conditioned upon Buyer's approval of applicable federal,
state and local governmental laws, ordinances and regulations
affecting the Property; and any applicable deed restrictions and/or
CC&R's (covenants, conditions and restrictions) affecting the Property;
(e) [ ] IS [X] IS NOT conditioned upon the Property appraising for not less than
the Purchase Price.
(f) [ ] IS [X} IS NOT conditioned upon Buyer's approval of the terms and
conditions of any mortgage financing referenced in Section 2.
(g) [ ] IS [X] IS NOT conditioned upon Buyer's approval of the following tests
and evaluations of the Property: (specify)

If any of the items 8(a) through 8(g) are checked in the affirmative, then
Sections 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 apply; otherwise, they do not apply. The items
checked in the affirmative above are collectively referred to as "Buyer's Due
Diligence." Unless otherwise provided in this Contract, the Buyer's Due
Diligence shall be paid for by Buyer and shall be conducted by individuals or
entities of Buyer's choice. Buyer shall conduct Buyer's Due Diligence in such
manner as not to unreasonably disrupt the activities and business of Seller, and
shall indemnify Seller and hold Seller harmless from and against any and all
liability, claim, or damages which arise from, is caused by, or is in any manner
connected with Buyer's Due Diligence, including without limitation, claims for
payment for inspection services, claims for mechanics liens, and physical damage
to the Property. Seller agrees to cooperate with Buyer's Due Diligence and with
a site inspection under Section 11.

8.1 Due Diligence Deadline. No later than the Due Diligence Deadline
referenced in Section 24(b) Buyer shall: (a) complete all of Buyer's Due
Diligence; and (b) determine if the results of the Buyer's Due Diligence are
acceptable to Buyer.

8.2 Right to Cancel or Object. If Buyer, in Buyer's sole discretion,
determines that the results of the Buyer's Due Diligence are unacceptable, Buyer
may, no later than the Due Diligence Deadline, either: (a) cancel this Contract
by providing written notice to Seller, whereupon the Earnest Money Deposit shall
be released to Buyer; or (b) provide Seller with written notice of objections.

8.3 Failure to Respond. If by the expiration of the Due Diligence
Deadline, Buyer does not: (a) cancel this Contract as provided in Section 8.2;
or (b) deliver a written objection to Seller regarding the Buyer's Due
Diligence, the results of the Buyer's Due Diligence shall be deemed approved by
Buyer; and the contingencies referenced in Sections 8(a) through 8(g), including
but not limited to, any financing contingency, shall be deemed waived by Buyer.

8.4 Response by Seller. If Buyer provides written objections to Seller,
Buyer and Seller shall have CALENDAR DAYS after Seller's receipt of Buyer's
objections (the "Response Period") in which to agree in

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