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Gas Station Lease Agreement

Oil or Gas Lease Agreement

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 This Oil or Gas Lease Agreement involves

CHINA BIO ENERGY HOLDING GROUP CO., LTD. | Xi'an Baorun Industrial Development Co, Ltd

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Title: Gas Station Lease Agreement
Date: 3/25/2009

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Unofficial Translation


Exhibit 10.35


Gas Station Lease Agreement


Party A: Shaanxi Highway Service Co. Ltd.


Party B: Xi’an Baorun Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


This contract is made by and between Party A and Party B based on the principle of equality, mutual benefits and good faith discussion and pursuant to Contract Law of the People's Republic of China. The two parties agreed the following:



Party A agrees to lease 4 gas stations to Party B for operation. Two of them are located in Xihan Highway (from Xi’an to Hanzhong city) Yang County area and take 2200 , have 5×100=500m 3 storage capacity and 4×4 refueler respectively; and two of them are located in Xiyu Highway Cheng County area, take 2000 , have 5×100=500m 3 storage capacity, and 6×2 refueler respectively.



The lease term is fifteen years (from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2023).



The annual rent for each gas station is three million Yuan including the land use right, buildings, other facilities and operating right.



Party A shall deliver relative documents or licenses to Party B in one week after signing the Agreement. Party B shall pay off the rent for five-year in two months after receiving all of the required documents. Party B shall pay the rent every five years till the termination of this Agreement.



Party A has the ownership of the gas stations and Party B shall own the income during the operation. Without the approval of Party B, Party A shall not transfer, re-lease or pled

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