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Employee Confidentiality, Noncompetition, Nonsolicitation Agreement

NonSolicitation Agreement

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 This NonSolicitation Agreement involves

SCOTTS COMPANY LLC | Fidelity Management Trust Company

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Governing Law: Ohio     Date: 11/25/2008
Industry: Chemical Manufacturing     Sector: Basic Materials

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EXHIBIT 10.2(b)(i)


          This Employee Confidentiality, Noncompetition, Nonsolicitation Agreement (“Agreement”), by and between The Scotts Company, an Ohio corporation (together with its affiliates, the “Company”), and the person designated on the signature page hereof as “Employee”, is effective as of the date signed by Employee below.

          WHEREAS, the Company desires to employ (or to continue to employ) Employee, and Employee desires to be employed by (or to continue to be employed by) the Company, in a position with respect to which Employee will have access to certain confidential and proprietary information of the Company;

          WHEREAS, the Company desires to have Employee participate (or continue to participate) and Employee desires to participate (or continue to participate) in a Company incentive plan.

          WHEREAS, the Company believes, and Employee hereby acknowledges, that the confidential and proprietary information of the Company is extremely important to the success of the Company, and Employee understands and agrees that the Company is willing for Employee to have access or continued access to such information, subject to and in consideration of the agreements of Employee set forth herein regarding confidentiality, noncompetition, nonsolicitation and related matters.

          NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration for participation (or continued participation) in a Company incentive plan and access to Confidential Information (defined below), training, compensation and benefits, as well as other good and valuable consideration provided by the Company to Employee, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Employee freely enters this Agreement according to the following terms and conditions:

     1.  Confidential Information . As used in this Agreement the term “Confidential Information” shall mean any and all financial, commercial, technical, engineering or other information in written, oral, visual, or electronic form concerning the business and affairs of the Company including, without limitation, (i) information derived from reports, investigations, experiments, research and work in progress, (ii) methods of operation, (iii) market data, (iv) proprietary computer programs and codes, (v) drawings, designs, plans and proposals, (vi) marketing and sales programs, (vii) client and supplier lists and any other information about the Company’s relationships with others, (viii) financial information and financial projections, (ix) network and system architecture, (x) all other concepts, ideas, materials and information prepared or performed for or by the Company and (xi) all information related to the business plan, strategies, business, products, purchases or sales of the Company or any of its suppliers and customers. The term “Confidential Information” does not include information that: (a) was or is made available to the public without restriction by the Company or by a third party who has the right to disclose such information; (b) was previously known to the Employee independent of the Company or, subject to the terms of Section 4 of this Agreement, independently developed or derived by Employee without the aid, application or use of any Confidential Information, as evidenced by corroborating, dated documentation; or (c) is disclosed to Employee on a non-confidential basis by a third party who has the right to disclose such information.

     2.  Confidentiality . Employee recognizes and acknowledges that the Confidential Information, as it may exist from time to time, is a valuable, special and unique asset of the Company, access to and knowledge of which is essential to the performance of the Employee’s duties as an employee of the Company. Accordingly, during the period during which Employee is employed by the Company, and for an indefinite period thereafter, Employee shall hold in strict confidence and shall not, directly or indirectly, disclose or reveal to any person, or use for Employee’s own personal benefit or for the benefit of anyone other than the Company, any Confidential Information of any kind, nature or description (whether or not acquired, learned, obtained or developed by Employee alone or in conjunction with others) belonging to or concerning the Company, or any of its customers or clients or others with whom the Company now or hereafter has a business relationship, except (a) with the prior written consent of the Company, or (b) in the course of the proper performance of Employee’s duties as an employee of the Company.

     3.  Company Property . Upon the termination of Employee’s employment with the Company, or whenever requested by the Company, Employee shall immediately deliver to the Company all property in Employee’s possession or under Employee’s control belonging to the Company, including, without limitation, all Confidential Information.



     4.  Employee Created Intellectual Property . Any and all inventions, ideas, improvements, discoveries, concepts, writings, processes, procedures, products, designs, formulae, specifications, samples, methods, know how or other things of value (“Intellectual Property”) which Employee may make, conceive, discover or develop, either solely or jointly with any other person or persons, at any time during the term of this Agreement or during the term of any prior employment by the Company, whether during working hours or at any other time and whether at the request or upon the suggestion of the Company or otherwise, which relate to or are useful in connection with the business now or hereafter carried on by the Company, shall be sole and exclusive property of the Company, and where applicable, all copyrightable works shall be considered “Works Made for Hire” under the U.S. Copyright Act, 17, USC § 101 et seq . Employee (a) agrees to promptly disclose all such Intellectual Property to the Company, (b) agrees to do everything necessary or advisable to vest absolute title thereto in the Company, (c) assigns, without further consideration, to the Company all right, title and interest in and to such Intellectual Property, free and clear of any claims, liens or reserved rights of the Employee, and (d) irrevocably relinquishes for the be

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