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Logan's Roadhouse

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LRI HOLDINGS, INC. | LRI Holdings, Inc

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Title: Logan's Roadhouse
Date: 10/16/2015

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Logan’s Roadhouse

September 2015

Exhibit 99.1



This presentation has been prepared by LRI Holdings, Inc. (together with its subsidiaries, the “Company”) for the exclusive review of any party

who has authorized access to this presentation and who is subject to non-disclosure obligations (any such party, the “Recipient”). Although the

Company believes the information is accurate in all material respects, the Company does not make any representation or warranty, either express

or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information contained in this presentation.

This presentation includes certain forward-looking statements and projections provided by the Company, including statements regarding the

Company’s operational initiatives, cost savings initiatives and financial projections. Any such statements reflect various estimates and assumptions

by the Company (not all of which are included herewith) concerning projected results. Whether or not any such forward-looking statements are in

fact achieved will depend upon future events, some of which are not within the control of the Company.

This presentation is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security, and may not be relied on in connection with the

purchase or sale of any security. This presentation has been prepared solely for informational purposes only. The Recipient should not construe

the contents of this presentation as legal, tax, accounting or investment advice or a recommendation. The Recipient should consult its own

counsel and tax and financial advisors as to legal and related matters described herein, and, by accepting this presentation, the Recipient confirms

that it is not relying upon the information contained herein to make any decision. This presentation does not purport to be all-inclusive or to

contain all of the information that the Recipient may require.

Each Recipient acknowledges that the Company considers this presentation and all information contained herein to include confidential, sensitive

and proprietary information. Each Recipient agrees that it shall use reasonable precautions in accordance with its established procedures to keep

the presentation and all information contained herein confidential, subject to the terms of any non-disclosure agreement between the Company

and the Recipient. This confidentiality undertaking is intended to be for the benefit of the Company and is enforceable by the Company.

This presentation includes certain non-GAAP financial measures of the Company. Such non-GAAP financial measures are not recognized under

accounting principles generally accepted in the United States, or “GAAP”. Because not all companies calculate these measures identically (if at all),

the presentations herein may not be comparable to other similarly titled measures used by other companies. Further, any non-GAAP financial

measures presented in this presentation should not be considered as substitutes for the information contained in the historical financial

information of the Company prepared in accordance with GAAP. The Company believes that these measures are helpful to both management and

investors in understanding and analyzing financial performance. See non-GAAP reconciliations in the appendix for a reconciliation of Adjusted

EBITDA to net income (loss). Reconciliations for forward-looking non-GAAP financial measures are not being provided due to the number of

variables in projected results, and thus we do not currently have sufficient data to estimate the individual adjustments for any such reconciliations.


Situation Overview

Same Store Sales declined as the brand lapped periods with significant promotional and discounting

activities (BOGOs, coupons, etc.)

Adjusted EBITDA declined due to a combination of lower sales year-over-year, higher occupancy costs

and rising beef costs, which impacted all protein-centric casual dining brands

Financial Results

Assembled a management team with the experience and capability to execute a successful turnaround

Bolstered key areas including operations, marketing, finance and IT


Improved beef quality and food preparation

Implemented training to enhance service and improve guest experience

Replaced BOGOs and discount coupons with LTOs that convey unmatched everyday value

Significant improvement in OSAT scores as a direct result of recent strategic initiatives



Return to our Roadhouse roots by delivering the highest level of guest experience with consistent, high-

quality menu items in an engaging, come-as-you-are environment

Vision for The


Reduced cash interest burden frees up capital to accelerate strategy with accretive investments (e.g.

restaurant remodels and marketing initiatives) and de-risks the turnaround

Liquidity / Capital



Understanding Our Past is Critical to Plotting Our Roadhouse Vision

Founded on the principles of

offering something for everyone at

an exceptional value, all delivered

in a laid-back, fun environment

Logan’s is the Real American

Roadhouse™, an oasis for weary


Creating craveable food from high-

quality ingredients

Engages the spirit with distinctive

music and an upbeat vibe that re-

energizes people

Your local stop for renewal

Brand positioned inconsistently

since its founding

Reduced quality to cut costs

Reliance on discounting reduced

margins, attracted less loyal

customers and failed to drive

adequate traffic

De-emphasis on liquor, beer and

wine (“LBW”)

Casual dining homogenization

Mimicked leading chains by offering

expansive, unimaginative and

generic causal dining menu


A return to our roots by better

defining the signature Logan’s


Menu that appeals to existing and

new customers alike

Focus on authentic roadhouse


Focus on beverage –

the right

drink, any occasion

Redefining the traditional Logan’s

“Roadhouse” atmosphere

Our Founding DNA

Migration to

“Sea of Sameness”

Path Forward


Implemented Initiatives to Meaningfully Improve Guest Experience

In Q3 2015 we upgraded the beef program to serve USDA

Midwest beef in order to meet core customer expectations

$1.5 million or 25 bps annual investment in COGS to improve

steak OSAT scores

Reduced the number of menu items to remove complexity in

kitchen, improving finished plate quality while reducing wait time

for guests

In March 2015, we implemented a strategy to improve

communication, reduce hourly management turnover and provide

consistency for guests

From April to August 2015, we implemented initiatives to reduce

span of control at division and regional levels to facilitate

management discipline and monitoring








training and performance

Developed “Grill Master” program to enhance skills of our chefs

and improve food quality

Reduced labor hours per 100 guests from ~44.5 in 2014 to ~43.0

in 2015 while increasing guest overall satisfaction in the process

Return to Quality Food

Provide Better Service

Survey Items



Last 3




Last Year


Overall Satisfaction





Taste of Food





Steak OSAT





Tenderness of Steak





Doneness of Steak





Implementation of higher quality beef and an investment in the

“Grill Master” training program has led to:

500 bps improvement in taste of food

600 bps improvement in tenderness of steak

500 bps improvement in “doneness” of steak

400 bps improvement in temperature of food

Results: Improvement in OSAT Scores is a Strong Leading Indicator for Future Traffic Growth

Source: Customer Surveys.


Elimination of Deep Discounting

BOGOs have been replaced with a

strategy to provide great food at an

everyday value

Despite near term sales benefits,

BOGOs do not drive margin or

customer satisfaction

Near-term sales gains are offset by

brand erosion

Server attentiveness falls during

BOGO weeks due to smaller tips, and

service suffers as a result

OSAT scores fall du

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