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Client Confidentiality Non-disclosure Agreement

NonDisclosure Agreement NDA

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 This NonDisclosure Agreement NDA involves

Anson Group, LLC | TechniScan Medical Systems, Inc

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Title: Client Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement
Date: 10/16/2009

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Exhibit 10.8

Client Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement

This Agreement by and between TechniScan Medical Systems, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) and The Anson Group, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Anson”), shall govern the conditions of disclosure of confidential information relating to Client’s business (“the Information”). The Information includes all oral and written information, regardless of medium, disclosed to Anson by Client that is labeled or otherwise identified as confidential.

With regard to the Information, Anson hereby agrees:



Not to use the Information except for the sole purpose of providing consulting services requested by Client.




To safeguard the Information against disclosure to others with the same degree of care as it exercises with its own information of a similar nature; and




Not to disclose the Information to others (except to its employees, agents or consultants who are bound to Anson by a like obligation of confidentiality) without the express written permission of Client, except that Anson shall not be prevented from using or disclosing any of the Information:




Which Anson can demonstrate by written records was previously known to it;





Which is now, or becomes in the future, public knowledge other than through acts or omissions of Anson;





Which is lawfully obtained by Anson from sources independent of Client; or


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