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Sense Technologies, Inc. Enters Letter Of Intent For Acquisition Of Business Assets

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SENSE TECHNOLOGIES INC | (Grand Island, NE) Sense Technologies, Inc | R and D USA, LLC

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Title: Sense Technologies, Inc. Enters Letter of Intent for Acquisition of Business Assets
Date: 5/26/2016
Industry: Auto and Truck Parts     Sector: Consumer Cyclical

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Exhibit 99.1


Sense Technologies, Inc. Enters Letter of Intent for Acquisition of Business Assets



(Grand Island, NE) Sense Technologies, Inc. (OTC: SNSFG) announced today that it entered into a nonbinding letter of intent (the "Letter of Intent") with R and D USA, LLC for the acquisition of business assets comprising R and D, USA, LLC's means of production of soy meal and soy oil products and non-GMO products, certified organic products, refined oils, agricultural oils, and other related specialty fertilizer crop products, including all intellectual and intangible property related thereto.


At present, the Company intends to structure the transaction as a sale of the Business Interests to a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, in consideration for which the Company shall initially raise $350,000 for the purpose of working capital for the soybean processing mill, and issue to R and D, USA, LLC common shares in the Company.  The shares will be issued in two tiers of a number of common shares of the Company to be determined before entering the definitive agreement.


The Letter of Intent is nonbinding as to the consummation of the proposed acquisition transaction with any obligation to proceed with such a transaction to be included in a definitive agreement to be negotiated between the parties.


The execution of a definitive agreement is conditional on Sense Technologies, Inc. and R and D USA, LLC satisfactorily completing their respective due diligence reviews.


The proposed transaction may be subject to the approval of our shareholders and the approval of R and D USA, LLC.  The approvals needed will depend on the transaction structure contained in any definitive agreement that may be entered into.  We cannot provide any assurance that the required approvals will

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