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Lifeapps Brands Inc. Enters Into Letter Of Intent With Medical Device Company Femcap Inc

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LIFEAPPS BRANDS INC. | LifeApps Brands Inc | Medical Device Company FemCap Inc

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Title: LifeApps Brands Inc. enters into Letter of Intent with Medical Device Company FemCap Inc
Date: 5/26/2016
Industry: Personal Services     Sector: Services

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Exhibit 99.1 


LifeApps Brands Inc. enters into Letter of Intent with Medical Device Company FemCap Inc.


SAN DIEGO -- (WIRE) — May 26, 2016 LifeApps Brands Inc. (OTC: LFAP) (“LifeApps”), an emerging growth company, and designer of m-health and wellness applications has entered into an agreement with medical device company FemCap Inc.


FemCap Inc. provides innovative FDA approved contraceptive and feminine hygiene medical device products designed for today’s healthy lifestyles of engaged women.


Under the agreement LifeApps has a 90-day exclusive right to purchase FemCap’s operating assets used to market and sell FemCap™ and FemmyCycle ® feminine hygiene products. The LOI also includes utilizing the expertise and experience of FemCap founder Dr. Alfred Shihata. Dr. Shihata brings to the team a wealth of experience in research and development of contraceptive and feminine hygiene medical devices as well as being affiliated with Scripps Institutions of Medicine and Science in San Diego, CA and holding 6 U.S. Patents and numerous international patents, including FemCap™ and FemmyCycle ® .


FemCap products include the FemCap™ contraceptive device and the FemmyCycle ® menstrual cup. These feminine contraceptive and hygiene products are clinically tested and FDA approved. The products have health and wellness benefits over traditionally used contraceptive and feminine hygiene products. Additionally, they are more environmentally friendly (reusable), safe, and easy to use while providing cost savings over traditional products in their markets. In 2015 over 1200 clinicians and clinics were on FemCap’s customer list.


FemCap products have both U.S. and international distribution. FemCap™ requires a prescription in the United States and is currently distributed via Medical Practices and is available without prescription internationally. FemmyCycle ® is a consumer product and is currently distributed online via, FemCap’s website and select retailers. We see great growth potential for both prod

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