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Letter Of Intent For Leasing

Letter of Intent

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 This Letter of Intent involves

XUNNA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INC. | Beijing Xingchuang Real Estate Development Co, Ltd | Xunna Network Technology (Beijing) Co, Ltd

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Title: Letter of Intent for Leasing
Date: 2/8/2013
Industry: Software and Programming     Sector: Technology

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Letter of Intent for Leasing


Lessor: Beijing Xingchuang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.


Leasee: Xunna Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


(1) Units to be leased: F8, F9 and F10 (The floor No. of elevator) of Xingchuang Building, the actual Floor Numbers are F7, F8 and F9.


(2) Leasing Area: The total construction area of the floors to be leased is about 5,220 m 2 , and the actual area shall be subject to measurement.


(3) Leasing Term: The leasing term shall be six years from October 16, 2013 to October 15, 2019 (including the first day and the final day).

The rent-free period (including the decoration period) shall be from May 15, 2013 to October 15, 2013, during which the lease have to observe all of the other conditions of the official leasing contract than the payment of the rents, including but not limit to pay the deposit for decoration, management fee, housekeeping fee and the government taxes and other related expenses to be paid by the lease according to the laws of China.


(4) Rent: The rent shall be charged according to the construction area, or 2 Yuan (RMB)/day/m 2 (including the property management cost and heating cost). From the 4 th year, the rent shall be increased by 5% for each year. The Rent shall be paid every six months. The rent for each six-month period shall be paid within five business days before the first day of the period. The rent shall not be deducted in any way. The rent does not include the government taxes and other expenses to be solely paid by the leasee.


(5) Date of delivery: The leasor shall deliver the units to be leased to the lease

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