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Deed Of Trust With Absolute Assignment Of Leases And Rents, Security Agreement And Fixture Filing

Lease Assignment Agreement

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 This Lease Assignment Agreement involves


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Governing Law: Texas     Date: 11/19/2007

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Exhibit 10.69




Real Estate Group (AU #02955)

2030 Main Street, Suite 800

Irvine, CA 92614

Attn: Rhonda Friedly

Loan No. 105156









GRANT . For the purposes of and upon the terms and conditions in this Deed of Trust and to secure the full and timely payment, performance and discharge of the Secured Obligations (as herein defined), Grantor irrevocably GRANTS, CONVEYS, ASSIGNS, BARGAINS and SELLS and has by these presents GRANTED, CONVEYED, ASSIGNED, BARGAINED and SOLD to Trustee, in trust for the benefit of Beneficiary, with power of sale and right of entry and possession, all of that real property located in the County of Tarrant, State of Texas, described on Exhibit A attached hereto, together with all right, title, interest, and privileges of Grantor in and to all streets, ways, roads, and alleys used in connection with or pertaining to such real property and any improvements thereon, all development rights or credits, air rights, water, water rights and water stock related to the real property, all timber, and all minerals, oil and gas, and other hydrocarbon substances in, on or under the real property, and all licenses, appurtenances, reversions, remainders, easements, rights and rights of way appurtenant or related thereto; any and all rights of Grantor, as a declarant, under any covenants, conditions, and restrictions now or hereafter pertaining to the real property described on Exhibit A , hereto, provided , however , that Beneficiary shall have no liability under such covenants, conditions, and restrictions unless and until Beneficiary forecloses on the real property; all buildings, other improvements and fixtures now or hereafter located on the real property, including, but not limited to, all apparatus, equipment, and appliances used in the operation or occupancy of the real property, it being intended by the parties that all such items shall be conclusively considered to be a part of the real property, whether or not attached or affixed to the real property (the “Improvements”); all interest or estate which Grantor may hereafter acquire in the property described above, and all additions and accretions thereto, and the proceeds of any of the foregoing; (all of the foregoing being collectively referred to as the “Subject Property”). The listing of specific rights or property shall not be interpreted as a limit of general terms; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the Subject Property unto Trustee, forever, and Grantor does hereby bind itself, its successors and assigns, to WARRANT AND FOREVER DEFEND the title to the Subject Property unto Trustee against every person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof; provided, however, that if Grantor shall pay (or cause to be paid) and shall perform and discharge (or cause to be performed and discharged) the Secured Obligations on or before the date same are to be paid, performed



and discharged, then the liens, security interests, estates, rights and titles granted by this Deed of Trust shall terminate in accordance with the provisions hereof, otherwise same shall remain in full force and effect. A certificate or other written statement executed on behalf of Trustee or Beneficiary confirming that the Secured Obligations have not been fully and finally paid, performed or discharged shall be sufficient evidence thereof for the purpose of reliance by third parties on such fact.


  1.2 ADDRESS . The address of the subject property is 106D & 106E East Old Settlers Boulevard, Round Rock, TX 78664. However, neither the failure to designate an address nor any inaccuracy in the address designated shall affect the validity or priority of the lien of this Deed of Trust on the Subject Property as described on Exhibit A .



  2.1 OBLIGATIONS SECURED . Grantor makes this Deed of Trust for the purpose of securing the following obligations (“Secured Obligations”):


  (a) Payment to Beneficiary of all sums at any time owing under that certain Promissory Note (“Note”) of even date herewith, in the principal amount of Five Million, Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand Dollars ($5,318,000) executed by Grantor, as borrower (“Borrower”), and payable to the order of Beneficiary, as lender; and


  (b) Payment and performance of all covenants and obligations of Grantor under this Deed of Trust; and


  (c) Payment and performance of all covenants and obligations on the part of Borrower under that certain Loan Agreement (Non-Revolving) (“Loan Agreement”) of even date herewith by and between Borrower and Beneficiary, as lender, the Hazardous Materials Indemnity Agreement, and all other “Loan Documents” as defined in the Loan Agreement; and


  (d) Payment and performance of all covenants and obligations, if any, of any rider attached as an Exhibit to this Deed of Trust; and


  (e) Payment and performance of all future advances and other obligations that the then record owner of all or part of the Subject Property may agree to pay and/or perform (whether as principal, surety or guarantor) for the benefit of Beneficiary, when such future advance or obligation is evidenced by a writing which recites that it is secured by this Deed of Trust; and


  (f) Payment and performance of all covenants and obligations of Grantor under any interest rate swap agreement, or other interest rate hedge agreement of any type executed by and between Grantor and Beneficiary, which agreement is evidenced by a writing that recites it is secured by this Deed of Trust; and


  (g) All modifications, extensions and renewals of any of the obligations secured hereby, however evidenced, including, without limitation: (i) modifications of the required principal payment dates or interest payment dates or both, as the case may be, deferring or accelerating payment dates wholly or partly; or (ii) modifications, extensions or renewals at a different rate of interest whether or not in the case of a note, the modification, extension or renewal is evidenced by a new or additional promissory note or notes.


  2.2 OBLIGATIONS . The term “obligations” is used herein in its broadest and most comprehensive sense and shall be deemed to include, without limitation, all interest and charges, prepayment charges (if any), late charges and loan fees at any time accruing or assessed on any of the Secured Obligations.


  2.3 INCORPORATION . All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Loan Agreement. All terms of the Secured Obligations and the documents evidencing such obligations are incorporated herein by this reference. All persons who may have or acquire an interest in the Subject Property shall be deemed to have notice of the terms of the Secured Obligations and to have notice, if provided therein, that: (a) the Note or the Loan Agreement may permit borrowing, repayment and re-borrowing so that repayments shall not reduce the amounts of the Secured Obligations; and (b) the rate of interest on one or more Secured Obligations may vary from time to time.




  3.1 ASSIGNMENT . Grantor hereby irrevocably assigns to Beneficiary all of Grantor’s right, title and interest in, to and under: (a) all leases of the Subject Property or any portion thereof, and all other agreements of any kind relating to the use or occupancy of the Subject Property or any portion thereof, whether now existing or entered into after the date hereof (“Leases”); and (b) the rents, revenue, income, issues, deposits and profits of the Subject Property, including, without limitation, all parking income and all amounts payable and all rights and benefits accruing to Grantor under the Leases (“Payments”). The term “Leases” shall also include all guarantees of and security for the lessees’ performance thereunder, and all amendments, extensions, renewals or modifications thereto which are permitted hereunder. This is a present and absolute assignment, not an assignment for security purposes only, and Beneficiary’s right to the Leases and Payments is not contingent upon, and may be exercised without possession of, the Subject Property.


  3.2 GRANT OF LICENSE . Beneficiary confers upon Grantor a license (“License”) to collect and retain the Payments as they become due and payable, until the occurrence of a Default (as hereinafter defined). Upon a Default, the License shall be automatically revoked and Beneficiary may collect and apply the Payments pursuant to Section 6.4 without notice and without taking possession of the Subject Property. Grantor hereby irrevocably authorizes and directs the lessees under the Leases to rely upon and comply with any notice or demand by Beneficiary for the payment to Beneficiary of any rental or other sums which may at any time become due under the Leases, or for the performance of any of the lessees’ undertakings under the Leases, and the lessees shall have no right or duty to inquire as to whether any Default has actually occurred or is then existing hereunder. Grantor hereby relieves the lessees from any liability to Grantor by reason of relying upon and complying with any such notice or demand by Beneficiary.


  3.3 EFFECT OF ASSIGNMENT . The foregoing irrevocable assignment shall not cause Beneficiary to be: (a) a mortgagee in possession; (b) responsible or liable for the control, care, management or repair of the Subject Property or for performing any of the terms, agreements, undertakings, obligations, representations, warranties, covenants and conditions of the Leases; or (c) responsible or liable for any waste committed on the Subject Property by the lessees under any of the Leases or any other parties; for any dangerous or defective condition of the Subject Property; or for any negligence in the management, upkeep, repair or control of the Subject Property resulting in loss or injury or death to any lessee, licensee, employee, invitee or other person. Beneficiary and Trustee shall not directly or indirectly be liable to Grantor or any other person as a consequence of: (i) the exercise or failure to exercise by Beneficiary or Trustee, or any of their respective employees, agents, contractors or subcontractors, any of the rights, remedies or powers granted to Beneficiary or Trustee hereunder; or (ii) the failure or refusal of Beneficiary to perform or discharge any obligation, duty or liability of Grantor arising under the Leases.


  3.4 REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES . Grantor represents and warrants that, to the best of Grantor’s knowledge: (a) Grantor has delivered to Beneficiary a rent roll that, as of the date hereof, contains a true, accurate and complete list of all Leases; (b) all existing Leases are in full force and effect and are enforceable in accordance with their respective terms, and no breach or default, or event which would constitute a breach or default after notice or the passage of time, or both, exists under any existing Leases on the part of any party; (c) no rent or other payment under any existing Lease has been paid by any lessee for more than one (1) month in advance; and (d) none of the lessor’s interests under any of the Leases has been transferred or assigned.



COVENANTS . Grantor covenants and agrees at Grantor’s sole cost and expense to: (a) perform the obligations of lessor contained in the Leases and enforce by all appropriate remedies performance by the lessees of the obligations of the lessees contained in the Leases; (b) give Beneficiary prompt written notice of any material default which occurs with respect to any of the Leases, whether the default be that of the lessee or of the lessor; (c) exercise Grantor’s best efforts to keep all portions of the Subject Property that are capable of being leased leased at rental rates pursuant to the terms of the Loan Agreement; (d) deliver to Beneficiary fully executed, copies of each and every Lease that it is required to deliver in accordance with the Loan Agreement; and (e) execute and record such additional assignments of any Lease or, if required by



the terms of the Loan Agreement, use commercially reasonable effort to obtain specific subordinations (or subordination, attornment and non-disturbance agreements executed by the lessor and lessee) of any Lease to the Deed of Trust, in form and substance acceptable to Beneficiary, as Beneficiary may request. Grantor shall not, without Beneficiary’s prior written consent or as otherwise permitted by any provision of the Loan Agreement: (i) to the extent prohibited by the terms of the Loan Agreement, enter into any Leases after the date hereof; (ii) execute any other assignment relating to any of the Leases; (iii) to the extent prohibited by the terms of the Loan Agreement, discount any rent or other sums due under the Leases or collect the same in advance, other than to collect rentals one (1) month in advance of the time when it becomes due; (iv) to the extent prohibited by the terms of the Loan Agreement, terminate, modify or amend any of the terms of the Leases or in any manner release or discharge the lessees from any obligations thereunder; (v) to the extent prohibited by the terms of the Loan Agreement, consent to any assignment or subletting by any lessee; or (vi) subordinate or agree to subordinate any of the Leases to any other deed of trust or encumbrance. Any such attempted action in violation of the provisions of this Section 3.5 shall be null and void. Without in any way limiting the requirement of Beneficiary’s consent hereunder, any sums received by Grantor in consideration of any termination (or the release or discharge of any lessee) modification or amendment of any Lease shall be applied as set forth in the Loan Agreement.


  3.6 ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATES . Within thirty (30) days after written request by Beneficiary, Grantor shall deliver to Beneficiary and to any party designated by Beneficiary estoppel certificates executed by Grantor, and use its best efforts to obtain such estoppel certificates executed by each of the lessees, in each case in recordable form, certifying (if such be the case): (a) that the foregoing assignment and the Leases are in full force and effect; (b) the date of each lessee’s most recent payment of rent; (c) that there are no defenses or offsets outstanding, or stating those claimed by Grantor or lessees under the foregoing assignment or the Leases, as the case may be; and (d) any other information reasonably requested by Beneficiary.



  4.1 SECURITY INTEREST . Grantor hereby grants and assigns to Beneficiary as of the date hereof a security interest, to secure payment and performance of all of the Secured Obligations, in all of the following described personal property in which Grantor now or at any time hereafter has any interest (collectively, the “Collateral”):

All goods, building and other materials, supplies, work in process, equipment, machinery, fixtures, furniture, furnishings, signs and other personal property and embedded software included therein, wherever situated, which are or are to be incorporated into, used in connection with, or appropriated for use on (i) the real property described on Exhibit A attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein (to the extent the same are not effectively made a part of the real property pursuant to Section 1.1 above) or (ii) the Improvements (which real property and Improvements are collectively referred to herein as the Subject Property); together with all rents (to the extent, if any, they are not subject to Article 3); all inventory, accounts, cash receipts, deposit accounts, accounts receivable, contract rights, licenses, agreements, (including, without limitation, all acquisition agreements with respect to the Subject Property); all of Grantor’s rights under any interest rate swap agreement, or other interest rate hedge agreement of any type executed by and between Grantor and Beneficiary; all Contracts referenced in Section 5.18 below (including property management and leasing agreements), architects’ agreements, and/or construction agreements with respect to the completion of any improvements on the Subject Property), general intangibles, chattel paper (whether electronic or tangible), instruments, documents, promissory notes, drafts, letters of credit, letter of credit rights, supporting obligations, insurance policies, insurance and condemnation awards and proceeds, any other rights to the payment of money, trade names, trademarks and service marks arising from or related to the ownership, management, leasing or operation of the Subject Property or any business now or hereafter conducted thereon by Grantor; all permits, consents, approvals, licenses, authorizations and other rights granted by, given by or obtained from, any governmental entity with respect to the Subject Property; all deposits or other security now or hereafter made with or given to utility companies by Grantor with respect to the Subject Property; all advance payments of insurance premiums made by Grantor with respect to the Subject Property; all plans, drawings and specifications relating to the Subject Property; all loan funds held by Beneficiary, whether or not disbursed; all funds deposited with Beneficiary pursuant to any loan agreement; all reserves, deferred


payments, deposits, accounts, refunds, cost savings and payments of any kind related to the Subject Property or any portion thereof; together with all replacements and proceeds of, and additions and accessions to, any of the foregoing; together with all books, records and files to the extent relating to any of the foregoing.

As to all of the above described personal property which is or which hereafter becomes a “fixture” under applicable law, this Deed of Trust constitutes a fixture filing under Article 9 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, as amended or recodified from time to time (“UCC”), and is acknowledged and agreed to be a “construction mortgage” under the UCC.

The filing of a financing statement covering the Collateral shall not be construed to derogate from or impair the lien or provisions of this Deed of Trust with respect to any property described herein which is real property or which the parties have agreed to treat as real property. Similarly, nothing in such financing statement shall be construed to alter any of the rights of Beneficiary under this Deed of Trust or the priority of the Beneficiary’s lien created hereby, and such financing statement is declared to be for the protection of Beneficiary in the event any court shall at any time hold that notice of Beneficiary’s priority of interest in any property or interests described in this Deed of Trust must, in order to be effective against a particular class of persons, including but not limited to the federal government and any subdivision, agency or entity of the federal government, be filed in the Uniform Commercial Code records.


  4.2 REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES . Grantor represents and warrants that: (a) Grantor has, as of the date of recordation of this Deed of Trust, and will have, good title to the Collateral; (b) Grantor has not previously assigned or encumbered the Collateral, and no financing statement covering any of the Collateral has been delivered to any other person or entity; (c) Grantor’s principal place of business is located at the address shown in Section 7.11; and (d) Grantor’s legal name is exactly as set forth on the first page of this Deed of Trust and all of Grantor’s organizational documents or agreements delivered to Beneficiary are complete and accurate in every respect.


  4.3 COVENANTS . Grantor agrees: (a) to execute and deliver such documents as Beneficiary deems necessary to create, perfect and continue the security interests contemplated hereby; (b) not to change its name, and as applicable, its chief executive office, its principal residence or the jurisdiction in which it is organized and/or registered without giving Beneficiary prior written notice thereof; (c) to cooperate with Beneficiary in perfecting all security interests granted herein and in obtaining such agreements from third parties as Beneficiary deems necessary, proper or convenient in connection with the preservation, perfection or enforcement of any of its rights hereunder; and (d) that Beneficiary is authorized to file financing statements in the name of Grantor to perfect Beneficiary’s security interest in Collateral.


  4.4 RIGHTS OF BENEFICIARY . In addition to Beneficiary’s rights as a “Secured Party” under the UCC, Beneficiary may, but shall not be obligated to, at any time without notice and at the expense of Grantor: (a) give notice to any person of Beneficiary’s rights hereunder and enforce such rights at law or in equity; (b) insure, protect, defend and preserve the Collateral or any rights or interests of Beneficiary therein; (c) inspect the Collateral; and (d) endorse, collect and receive any right to payment of money owing to Grantor under or from the Collateral. Notwithstanding the above, in no event shall Beneficiary be deemed to have accepted any property other than cash in satisfaction of any obligation of Grantor to Beneficiary unless Beneficiary shall make an express written proposal thereof under UCC §9.621, or other applicable law, and the provisions of UCC §9.620 have been satisfied.


  4.5 RIGHTS OF BENEFICIARY ON DEFAULT . Upon the occurrence of a Default (hereinafter defined) under this Deed of Trust, then in addition to all of Beneficiary’s rights as a “Secured Party” under the UCC or otherwise at law:


  (a) Beneficiary may (i) upon written notice, require Grantor to assemble any or all of the Collateral and make it available to Beneficiary at a place designated by Beneficiary; (ii) without prior notice, enter upon the Subject Property or other place where any of the Collateral may be located and take possession of, collect, sell, lease, license and dispose of any or all of the Collateral, and store the same at locations acceptable to Beneficiary at Grantor’s expense; (iii) sell, assign and deliver at any place or in any lawful manner all or any part of the Collateral and bid and become the purchaser at any such sales;


  (b) Beneficiary may, for the account of Grantor and at Grantor’s expense: (i) operate, use, consume, sell, lease, license or dispose of the Collateral as Beneficiary deems appropriate for the purpose of performing any or all of the Secured Obligations; (ii) enter into any agreement, compromise, or settlement, including insurance claims, which Beneficiary may deem desirable or proper with respect to any of the Collateral; and (iii) endorse and deliver evidences of title for, and receive, enforce and collect by legal action or otherwise, all indebtedness and obligations now or hereafter owing to Grantor in connection with or on account of any or all of the Collateral; and


  (c) In disposing of Collateral hereunder, Beneficiary may disclaim all warranties of title, possession, quiet enjoyment and the like. Any proceeds of any disposition of any Collateral may be applied by Beneficiary to the payment of expenses incurred by Beneficiary in connection with the foregoing, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, and the balance of such proceeds may be applied by Beneficiary toward the payment of the Secured Obligations in such order of application as Beneficiary may from time to time elect.

Notwithstanding any other provision hereof, Beneficiary shall not be deemed to have accepted any property other than cash in satisfaction of any obligation of Grantor to Beneficiary unless Beneficiary shall make an express written proposal thereof under UCC §9621, or other applicable law, and the provisions of UCC §9620 have been satisfied. Grantor agrees that Beneficiary shall have no obligation to process or prepare any Collateral for sale or other disposition.


  4.6 POWER OF ATTORNEY . Grantor hereby irrevocably appoints Beneficiary as Grantor’s attorney-in-fact (such agency being coupled with an interest), and as such attorney-in-fact Beneficiary may, without the obligation to do so, in Beneficiary’s name, or in the name of Grantor, prepare, execute and file or record financing statements, continuation statements, applications for registration and like papers necessary to create, perfect or preserve any of Beneficiary’s security interests and rights in or to any of the Collateral, and, upon a Default hereunder, take any other action required of Grantor; provided , however , that Beneficiary as such attorney-in-fact shall be accountable only for such funds as are actually received by Beneficiary.


  4.7 POSSESSION AND USE OF COLLATERAL . Except as otherwise provided in this Section or the other Loan Documents (as defined in the Loan Agreement), so long as no Default exists under this Deed of Trust or any of the Loan Documents, Grantor may possess, use, move, transfer or dispose of any of the Collateral in the ordinary course of Grantor’s business and in accordance with the Loan Agreement.



  5.1 TITLE . Grantor represents and warrants that, except as disclosed to Beneficiary in a writing which refers to this warranty, Grantor lawfully holds and possesses fee simple title to the Subject Property without limitation on the right to encumber, and that this Deed of Trust is a first and prior lien on the Subject Property. Grantor hereby represents and warrants that all of the Subject Property is a single tax parcel, and there are no properties included in such tax parcel other than the Subject Property. Grantor further covenants and agrees that it shall not cause all or any portion of the Subject Property to be replatted or for any lots or boundary lines to be adjusted, changed or altered for either ad valorem tax purposes or otherwise, and shall not consent to the assessment of the Subject Property in more than one tax parcel or in conjunction with any property other than the Subject Property.





Subject to Grantor’s rights to contest in good faith payment of taxes as provided in Section 5.2(b) below, Grantor shall pay prior to delinquency all taxes, assessments, levies and charges imposed by any public or quasi-public authority or utility company which are or which may become a lien upon or cause a loss in value of the Subject Property or any interest therein. Grantor shall also pay prior to delinquency all taxes, assessments, levies and charges imposed by any public authority upon Beneficiary by reason of its interest in any Secured Obligation or in the Subject Property, or by reason



of any payment made to Beneficiary pursuant to any Secured Obligation; provided , however , Grantor shall have no obligation to pay taxes which may be imposed from time to time upon Beneficiary and which are measured by and imposed upon Beneficiary’s net income.


  (b) Grantor may contest in good faith any taxes or assessments if: (i) Grantor pursues the contest diligently and in compliance with applicable laws, in a manner which Beneficiary determines is not prejudicial to Beneficiary, and does not impair the rights of Beneficiary under any of the Loan Documents; and (b) Grantor deposits with Beneficiary any funds or other forms of assurance which Beneficiary in good faith determines from time to time appropriate to protect Beneficiary from the consequences of the contest being unsuccessful. Grantor’s compliance with this Section shall operate to prevent such claim, demand, levy or assessment from becoming a Default.


  5.3 TAX AND INSURANCE IMPOUNDS . At any time following the occurrence of a Default, at Beneficiary’s option and upon its demand, but subject to Grantor’s right to use cash from the Property to cover Permitted REIT Distributions (as such term is defined in the Loan Agreement), Grantor shall, until all Secured Obligations have been paid in full, pay to Beneficiary monthly, annually or as otherwise directed by Beneficiary an amount estimated by Beneficiary to be equal to: (a) all taxes, assessments, levies and charges imposed by any public or quasi-public authority or utility company which are or may become a lien upon the Subject Property or Collateral and will become due for the tax year during which such payment is so directed; and (b) premiums for fire, hazard and insurance required or requested pursuant to the Loan Documents when same are next due. If Beneficiary determines that any amounts paid by Grantor are insufficient for the payment in full of such taxes, assessments, levies, charges and/or insurance premiums, Beneficiary shall notify Grantor of the increased amounts required to pay all amounts when due, whereupon Grantor shall pay to Beneficiary within thirty (30) days thereafter the additional amount as stated in Beneficiary’s notice. All sums so paid shall not bear interest, except to the extent and in any minimum amount required by law; and Beneficiary shall, unless Grantor is otherwise in Default hereunder or under any Loan Document, apply said funds to the payment of, or at the sole option of Beneficiary release said funds to Grantor for the application to and payment of, such sums, taxes, assessments, levies, charges, and insurance premiums. Upon Default by Grantor hereunder or under any Loan Document, Beneficiary may apply all or any part of said sums to any Secured Obligation and/or to cure such Default, in which event Grantor shall be required to restore all amounts so applied, as well as to cure any other events or conditions of Default not cured by such application. Upon assignment of this Deed of Trust, Beneficiary shall have the right to assign in writing all amounts collected and in its possession to its assignee whereupon Beneficiary and the Trustee shall be released from all liability with respect thereto. Within ninety-five (95) days following full repayment of the Secured Obligations (other than full repayment of the Secured Obligations as a consequence of a foreclosure or conveyance in lieu of foreclosure of the liens and security interests securing the Secured Obligations) or at such earlier time as Beneficiary may elect, the balance of all amounts collected and in Beneficiary’s possession shall be paid to Grantor and no other party shall have any right or claim thereto.


  5.4 PERFORMANCE OF SECURED OBLIGATIONS . Grantor shall promptly pay and perform each Secured Obligation when due.


  5.5 LIENS, ENCUMBRANCES AND CHARGES . Grantor shall immediately discharge any lien not approved by Beneficiary in writing that has or may attain priority over this Deed of Trust. Subject to the following sentence, Grantor shall pay when due all obligations secured by or which may become liens and encumbrances which shall now or hereafter encumber or appear to encumber all or any part of the Subject Property or Collateral, or any interest therein, whether senior or subordinate hereto. If a claim of lien is recorded which affects the Subject Property or a bonded stop notice is served upon Beneficiary, Grantor shall, within twenty (20) calendar days of such recording or service or within five (5) calendar days of Beneficiary’s demand, whichever occurs first: (a) pay and discharge the claim of lien or bonded stop notice; (b) effect the release thereof by recording or delivering to Beneficiary a surety bond in sufficient form and amount; or (c) provide Beneficiary with other assurances which Beneficiary deems, in its sole discretion, to be satisfactory for the payment of such claim of lien or bonded stop notice and for the full and continuous protection of Beneficiary from the effect of such lien or bonded stop notice.




  (a) The following (whether now existing or hereafter arising) are all absolutely and irrevocably assigned by Grantor to Beneficiary and, at the request of Beneficiary, shall be paid directly to Beneficiary: (i) all awards of damages and all other compensation payable directly or indirectly by reason of a condemnation or proposed condemnation for public or private use affecting all or any part of, or any interest in, the Subject Property or Collateral; (ii) all other claims and awards for damages to, or decrease in value of, all or any part of, or any interest in, the Subject Property or Collateral; (iii) all proceeds of any insurance policies payable by reason of loss sustained to all or any part of the Subject Property or Collateral; and (iv) all interest which may accrue on any of the foregoing. Subject to applicable law and Section 5.6(b) below, and without regard to any requirement contained in Section 5.7(d), Beneficiary may at its discretion apply all or any of the proceeds it receives to its expenses in settling, prosecuting or defending any claim and may apply the balance to the Secured Obligations in any such order acceptable to Beneficiary, and/or Beneficiary may release all or any part of the proceeds to Grantor upon any conditions Beneficiary may impose. Beneficiary may commence, appear in, defend or prosecute any assigned claim or action and may adjust, compromise, settle and collect all claims and awards assigned to Beneficiary; provided , however , in no event shall Beneficiary be responsible for any failure to collect any claim or award, regardless of the cause of the failure, including, without limitation, any malfeasance or nonfeasance by Beneficiary or its employees or agents.


  (b) Beneficiary shall permit insurance or condemnation proceeds held by Beneficiary to be used for repair or restoration but may condition such application upon reasonable conditions, including, without limitation: (i) the deposit with Beneficiary of such additional funds which Beneficiary determines are needed to pay all costs of the repair or restoration, (including, without limitation, taxes, financing charges, insurance and rent during the repair period); (ii) the establishment of an arrangement for lien releases and disbursement of funds acceptable to Beneficiary; (iii) the delivery to Beneficiary of plans and specifications for the work, a contract for the work signed by a contractor acceptable to Beneficiary, a cost breakdown for the work and a payment and performance bond for the work, all of which shall be acceptable to Beneficiary; and (iv) the delivery to Beneficiary of evidence acceptable to Beneficiary (aa) that after completion of the work the income from the Subject Property will be sufficient to pay all expenses and debt service for the Subject Property; (bb) of the continuation of Leases acceptable to and required by Beneficiary; (cc) that upon completion of the work, the size, capacity and total value of the Subject Property will be at least as great as it was before the damage or condemnation occurred; (dd) that there has been no material adverse change in the financial condition or credit of Grantor since the date of this Deed of Trust; (ee) no Default shall have occurred, and (ff) of the satisfaction of any additional conditions that Beneficiary may reasonably establish to protect its security. Grantor hereby acknowledges that the conditions described above are reasonable, and, if such conditions have not been satisfied within sixty (60) days of receipt by Beneficiary of such insurance or condemnation proceeds, then Beneficiary may apply such insurance or condemnation proceeds to pay the Secured Obligations in such order and amounts as Beneficiary in its sole discretion may choose.


  (c) Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 5.6, if the insurance or condemnation proceeds equal $1,000,000 or less, Beneficiary shall release such proceeds to Grantor for repair or restoration of the Subject Property without any additional requirements or conditions.



MAINTENANCE AND PRESERVATION OF THE SUBJECT PROPERTY . Subject to the provisions of the Loan Agreement, Grantor covenants: (a) to insure the Subject Property and Collateral against such risks as Beneficiary may require pursuant to the Loan Agreement and, at Beneficiary’s request (but not more than fifteen (15) days prior to the termination date of any existing coverage), to provide evidence of such insurance to Beneficiary, and to comply with the requirements of any insurance companies providing such insurance; (b) to keep the Subject Property and Collateral in good condition and repair; (c) not to remove or demolish the Subject Property or Collateral or any part thereof, not to alter, restore or add to the Subject Property or Collateral and not to initiate or acquiesce in any change in any zoning or other land classification which affects the Subject Property without Beneficiary’s prior written consent or as provided in the Loan Agreement; (d) to complete or restore promptly and in good and workmanlike manner the Subject Property and Collateral, or any part thereof which may be damaged or destroyed, without regard to whether



Beneficiary elects to require that insurance proceeds be used to reduce the Secured Obligations as provided in Section 5.6; (e) to comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations and standards, and all covenants, conditions, restrictions and equitable servitudes, whether public or private, of every kind and character which affect the Subject Property or Collateral and pertain to acts committed or conditions existing thereon, including, without limitation, any work, alteration, improvement or demolition mandated by such laws, covenants or requirements; (f) not to commit or permit waste of the Subject Property or Collateral; and (g) to do all other acts which from the character or use of the Subject Property or Collateral may be reasonably necessary to maintain and preserve its value.


  5.8 DEFENSE AND NOTICE OF LOSSES, CLAIMS AND ACTIONS . At Grantor’s sole expense, Grantor shall protect, preserve and defend the Subject Property and Collateral and title to and right of possession of the Subject Property and Collateral, the security hereof and the rights and powers of Beneficiary and Trustee hereunder against all adverse claims. Grantor shall give Beneficiary and Trustee prompt notice in writing of the assertion of any claim, of the filing of any action or proceeding, of the occurrence of any damage to the Subject Property or Collateral and of any condemnation offer or action.


  5.9 POWERS OF BENEFICIARY . Beneficiary may, without affecting the personal liability of any person for payment of any indebtedness or performance of any obligations secured hereby and without liability therefor and without notice: (a) release all or any part of the Subject Property; (b) consent to the making of any map or plat thereof; and (c) join in any grant of easement thereon, any declaration of covenants and restrictions, or any extension agreement or any agreement subordinating the lien or charge of this Deed of Trust.




  (a) Trustee accepts this trust when this Deed of Trust is delivered by Grantor to Beneficiary. Except as may be required by applicable law, Trustee or Beneficiary may from time to time apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for aid and direction in the execution of the trust hereunder and the enforcement of the rights and remedies available hereunder, and may obtain orders or decrees directing or confirming or approving acts in the execution of said trust and the enforcement of said remedies.


  (b) Trustee shall not be required to take any action toward the execution and enforcement of the trust hereby created or to institute, appear in, or defend any action, suit, or other proceeding in connection therewith where, in his opinion, such action would be likely to involve him in expense or liability, unless requested so to do by a written instrument signed by Beneficiary and, if Trustee so requests, unless Trustee is tendered security and indemnity satisfactory to Trustee against any and all cost, expense, and liability arising therefrom. Trustee shall not be responsible for the execution, acknowledgment, or validity of the Loan Documents, or for the proper authorization thereof, or for the sufficiency of the lien and security interest purported to be created hereby, and Trustee makes no representation in respect thereof or in respect of the rights, remedies, and recourses of Beneficiary.



With the approval of Beneficiary, Trustee shall have the right to take any and all of the following actions: (i) to select, employ, and advise with counsel (who may be, but need not be, counsel for Beneficiary) upon any matters arising hereunder, including the preparation, execution, and interpretation of the Loan Documents, and shall be fully protected in relying as to legal matters on the advice of counsel, (ii) to execute any of the trusts and powers hereof and to perform any duty hereunder either directly or through his agents or attorneys, (iii) to select and employ, in and about the execution of his duties hereunder, suitable accountants, engineers and other experts, agents and attorneys-in-fact, either corporate or individual, not regularly in the employ of Trustee, and Trustee shall not be answerable for any act, default, negligence, or misconduct of any such accountant, engineer or other expert, agent or attorney-in-fact, if selected with reasonable care, or for any error of judgment or act done by Trustee in good faith, or be otherwise responsible or accountable under any circumstances whatsoever, except for Trustee’s gross negligence or bad faith, and (iv) any and all other lawful action as Beneficiary may instruct Trustee to take to protect or enforce Beneficiary’s rights hereunder. Trustee shall not be personally liable in case of entry by Trustee, or anyone entering by virtue of the powers herein granted to Trustee, upon the Subject Property for debts contracted for or liability or damages incurred in the management or operation of the Subject Property. Trustee shall have the right to rely on any instrument, document, or signature authorizing



or supporting any action taken or proposed to be taken by Trustee hereunder, believed by Trustee in good faith to be genuine. Trustee shall be entitled to reimbursement for expenses incurred by Trustee in the performance of Trustee’s duties hereunder and to reasonable compensation for such of Trustee’s services hereunder as shall be rendered. GRANTOR WILL, FROM TIME TO TIME, PAY THE COMPENSATION DUE TO TRUSTEE HEREUNDER AND REIMBURSE TRUSTEE FOR, AND INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS TRUSTEE AGAINST, ANY AND ALL LIABILITY AND EXPENSES WHICH MAY BE INCURRED BY TRUSTEE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF TRUSTEE’S DUTIES.


  (d) All moneys received by Trustee shall, until used or applied as herein provided, be held in trust for the purposes for which they were received, but need not be segregated in any manner from any other moneys (except to the extent required by applicable law) and Trustee shall be under no liability for interest on any moneys received by Trustee hereunder.


  (e) Should any deed, conveyance, or instrument of any nature be required from Grantor by any Trustee or substitute Trustee to more fully and certainly vest in and confirm to the Trustee or substitute Trustee such estates, rights, powers, and duties, then, upon request by the Trustee or substitute Trustee, any and all such deeds, conveyances and instruments shall be made, executed, acknowledged, and delivered and shall be caused to be recorded and/or filed by Grantor.


  (f) By accepting or approving anything required to be observed, performed, or fulfilled or to be given to Trustee pursuant to the Loan Documents, including without limitation, any deed, conveyance, instrument, officer’s certificate, balance sheet, statement of profit and loss or other financial statement, survey, appraisal, or insurance policy, Trustee shall not be deemed to have warranted, consented to, or affirmed the sufficiency, legality, effectiveness, or legal effect of the same, or of any term, provision, or condition thereof, and such acceptance or approval thereof shall not be or constitute any warranty or affirmation with respect thereto by Trustee.




  (a) Grantor shall pay Trustee’s fees and reimburse Trustee for expenses in the administration of this trust, including attorneys’ fees. Grantor shall pay to Beneficiary reasonable compensation for services rendered concerning this Deed of Trust, including without limit any statement of amounts owing under any Secured Obligation. Beneficiary shall not directly or indirectly be liable to Grantor or any other person as a consequence of (i) the exercise of the rights, remedies or powers granted to Beneficiary in this Deed of Trust; (ii) the failure or refusal of Beneficiary to perform or discharge any obligation or liability of Grantor under any agreement related to the Subject Property or Collateral or under this Deed of Trust; or (iii) any loss sustained by Grantor or any third party resulting from Beneficiary’s failure (whether by malfeasance, nonfeasance or refusal to act) to lease the Subject Property after a Default (hereinafter defined) or from any other act or omission (regardless of whether same constitutes negligence) of Beneficiary in managing the Subject Property after a Default unless the loss is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Beneficiary and no such liability shall be asserted against or imposed upon Beneficiary, and all such liability is hereby expressly waived and released by Grantor.








  (c) Grantor shall pay all amounts and indebtedness arising under this Section 5.11 immediately upon demand by Trustee or Beneficiary together with interest thereon from the date the indebtedness arises at the rate of interest then applicable to the principal balance of the Note as specified therein.


  5.12 SUBSTITUTION OF TRUSTEES . Trustee may resign by the giving of notice of such resignation in writing or verbally to Beneficiary. If Trustee shall die, resign, or become disqualified from acting in the execution of this trust, or if, for any reason, Beneficiary shall prefer to appoint a substitute trustee or multiple substitute trustees, or successive substitute trustees or successive multiple substitute trustees, to act instead of the aforenamed Trustee, Beneficiary shall have full power to appoint a substitute trustee (or, if preferred, multiple substitute trustees) in succession who shall succeed (and if multiple substitute trustees are appointed, each of such multiple substitute trustees shall succeed) to all the estates, rights, powers, and duties of the aforenamed Trustee. Such appointment may be executed by any authorized agent of Beneficiary, and if such Beneficiary be a corporation and such appointment be executed in its behalf by any officer of such corporation, such appointment shall be conclusively presumed to be executed with authority and shall be valid and sufficient without proof of any action by the board of directors or any superior officer of the corporation. Grantor hereby ratifies and confirms any and all acts which the aforenamed Trustee, or his successor or successors in this trust, shall do lawfully by virtue hereof. If multiple substitute Trustees are appointed, each of such multiple substitute Trustees shall be empowered and authorized to act alone without the necessity of the joinder of the other multiple substitute trustees, whenever any action or undertaking of such substitute trustees is requested or required under or pursuant to this Deed of Trust or applicable law. Any substitute Trustee appointed pursuant to any of the provisions hereof shall, without any further act, deed, or conveyance, become vested with all the estates, properties, rights, powers, and trusts of its or his predecessor in the rights hereunder with like effect as if originally named as Trustee herein; but nevertheless, upon the written request of Beneficiary or of the substitute Trustee, the Trustee ceasing to act shall execute and deliver any instrument transferring to such substitute Trustee, upon the trusts herein expressed, all the estates, properties, rights, powers, and trusts of the Trustee so ceasing to act, and shall duly assign, transfer and deliver any of the property and moneys held by such Trustee to the substitute Trustee so appointed in the Trustee’s place.


  5.13 DUE ON SALE OR ENCUMBRANCE . The terms “Loan”, “Loan Documents” and “Loan Agreement” have the meaning given them in the Loan Agreement described in Section 2.1. Grantor represents, agrees and acknowledges that:


  (a) Improvement and operation of real property is a highly complex activity which requires substantial knowledge of law and business conditions and practices, and an ability to control, coordinate and schedule the many factors affecting such improvement and operation. Experience, financial stability, managerial ability and a good reputation in the business community enhance an owner’s and operator’s ability to obtain market rents and to induce cooperation in scheduling and are taken into account by Beneficiary in approving loan applications.


  (b) Grantor has represented to Beneficiary, not only in the representations and warranties contained in the Loan Documents, but also in its initial loan application and in all of the negotiations connected with Beneficiary making the Loan, certain facts concerning Grantor’s financial stability, managerial and operational ability, reputation, skill, and creditworthiness. Beneficiary has relied upon these representations and warranties as a substantial and material consideration in its decision to make the Loan.


  (c) The conditions and terms provided in the Loan Agreement were induced by these representations and warranties and would not have been made available by B

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