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Lease Contract At Gaoneng Street Incubating Base

Lease Agreement

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 This Lease Agreement involves

FUSIONTECH, INC. | Dalian Heavy Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co, Ltd | Dalian Shuangde Scientific Industry and Trading Co Ltd

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Title: Lease Contract at Gaoneng Street Incubating Base
Date: 11/22/2010
Industry: Misc. Capital Goods     Sector: Capital Goods

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Exhibit 10.8

(English Translation)


Lease Contract at Gaoneng Street Incubating Base




Party  A (Lessor): Dalian Shuangde Scientific Industry and Trading Co. Ltd


Party B (Lessee): Dalian Heavy Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


In accordance with << Contract Law of People’s Republic of China>> and the relevant leasing rules and regulations of Dalian City, both parties have reach consensus and hereby enter this contract:


Article One:                         Terms and Conditions


Party A is to let the premise at Street Gaoneng   No 26   Building     Block      , consisting of House      in the Dalian High-Tech Garden, in total of ____ to Party B for use. The housing construction area is           square meters.


Article Two:                         Term of Lease


The term of lease is from Febuary 1, 2010   to   Febuary 1, 2011 , one year in length.


Article Three                       Charges, Rent and Payment


1.           The total rental fee is RMB 270,000 , including Rent RMB 158,970 , comprehensive service fee RMB 68,130 , Utilities for Heat and Conditioning RMB 42, 900 . In Chinese Capital Two Seventy Thousand RMB Even .


2.           The total rental fee shall be made in two installments by Party B, with RMB 135,000 immediate payable after signing this contract and the other before August 1, 2010 . Any extra shall be made through the riders.


3.           The deposit is       RMB payable at the time of contract.


4.           The utilities for water and power are at the expense of Party B, payable to Party A in terms of << Innovation Center Water and Power Charge>> before the 15th day of each month.


5.           The telephone line and its installation shall be arranged by Party B at its own expense.






Article Four                         Rights and Duties of Party B


1.           Party B shall legally operate business within its business scope as approved by the Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau.


2.           Party B has right to use the premise within the term of lease, but in no event shall change the house structure and nature at Party B’s sole discretion.   Any renovation by Party B is subject to Party A’s approval at Party B’s expense. If any change made to the house structure and nature without approval from Party A, Party B shall be liable for any resulting damage therefrom.


3.           Any fixture made during the renovation shal

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