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Lease Agreement / Contract

Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement / Contract | Document Parties: CHINA HEALTH INDUSTRIES HOLDINGS, INC. | Harbin Humankind Biology Technology Co Limited You are currently viewing:
This Lease Agreement involves

CHINA HEALTH INDUSTRIES HOLDINGS, INC. | Harbin Humankind Biology Technology Co Limited

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Title: Lease Agreement / Contract
Date: 11/16/2010
Industry: Biotechnology and Drugs     Sector: Healthcare

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Lease Agreement


Party A: Harbin Huadong Plaza Realty Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Party A)


Party B: Harbin Humankind Biology Technology Co. Limited. (hereinafter referred to as Party B)


Based on the principls of mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and common development, both Party A and Party B signed this agreement after friendly negotiation. The content of this agreement is as follows:


Article I

Party A leases to Party B room located in Ha Er international plaza, 66-3, Heping Road, Harbin City with the size of 200 square meters.


Article II

Party B shall use the room for product distribution store but can not use the room for restaurants and entertaiments.


Article III

Party B shall be responsible for room designing and decoration as well as the related expense. Party B is forbidden to destroy the original structure of the room and needs to obtain the consents of Party A if any changes to the original structure.


Article IV

Term: Three years.






Article V

Rental: RMB 50,000 for each year.

Pledge deposit: RMB 10,000.


Article VI

During the lease period, Party B shall afford electric charge,



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