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Lease Agreement

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 This Lease Agreement involves


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Date: 3/28/2005

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Exhibit 10.14


Basic Terms











Tom Clinton d.b.a.




Office Suites PLUS at North Gwinnett



Computer Software Innovations




3235 Satellite Blvd., Bldg. 400, Ste. 300



1661 East Main St.




Duluth, GA 30096



Easley, SC 29640




Tel: 770.291.2222, Fax: 770.291.2223



Phone Number: 864-855-3900









Billing Address: Same as above





(if different)











Term: Start Date:  9/16/2003


End Date: 3/31/2004



Notice Date:





Office Number:


Professional Image Package: Corporate Identity (Mail & Phone Service)

Maximum number of occupants: N/A

Complimentary meeting room usage per month: 0


Monthly Fees:


















Initial Programming

and Installation



Services Retainer



Recurring Monthly















Professional office (s)












Professional image






















Telephone Answering












Voice Mail Box












Mail Receipt

















Total *






















Due upon execution of Agreement












Initial Programming and Installation












Services Retainer












First Month



























































Excludes sales, use and/or other applicable taxes.

License Agreement


I. Use of Office.


(A) You are granted a license to use the Suite and that particular Office(s) assigned in the Basic Terms, if any, pursuant to the terms of this license agreement (the “Agreement”), one person per Office, unless otherwise set forth in the Basic Terms. If no Office is assigned in the Basic Terms, you may have the use of an office or meeting room, if available, at the then prevailing rate. You agree to use the premises for general office purposes and no other purpose, to only operate approved machinery or equipment within the Office or otherwise in the building, and to comply wit h all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances.


(B) We reserve the right to relocate you to another apace within the same Suite and to substitute such other space for your Office, provided such other apace is substantially similar to your Office and you incur no increase in Monthly Office Fees or any moving cost or expense as a result of the relocation.


(C) You agree to abide by such rules and regulations governing the use of your Office and the Suite as may now exist or may later be adopted by us. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your employees, guests and invitees abide by all such rules.


(D) Upon any termination of this Agreement, you agree to vacate the Office and cease all use oldie Suite. Furthermore, we will not be responsible for providing any further service to you. On or before the Notice Date, you agree to give us notice of your intent to terminate this Agreement or m renew it. Any renewal will only be upon such terms or conditions as we may agree in writing. In the event you fail to provide us with such notice, this Agreement will automatically renew for a Term equal in time to the original Term of and upon the same terms and conditions as this Agreement; provided, the Monthly Fees will be the than applicable Monthly Fees for your Office and service, and the Monthly Fees may be higher than those previously applicable. In the event you have been assigned an Office and notify us that you intend to vacate your Office and fail to do soon the End Data, the terms of this Agreement and the license granted to you will continua on a month-to-month basis at the then applicable Monthly Fees for your Office (based on a month-to-month term) and services, and the Monthly Fees may be higher than those previously applicable, and you will be liable to us for any damages resulting from your failure to vacate the Office.


2 Services.


(A) You acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to review any work performed by our personnel and we will have no liability for the work performed by our personnel.


(B) You will not offer to any patty outside your own company, whether or not located in the Suite or elsewhere in the building, any of the services that we provide our clients from time to time.


(C) You agree not to install or utilize any telecommunications equipment or wiring, other than the equipment and wiring provided by us. You understand the violation of this paragraph may result in damage to our equipment and/or wiring and if such damage occurs, you ate solely responsible for any and all charges to repair or replace it All programming and/or installation required to initially getup your Office, as well as any subsequent changes, additions, deletions or other modifications will be subject to the than current programming and/or installation charges, respectively, and will be due at such time service is performed. You acknowledge that all telephone or other telecommunication numbers and addresses are our proprietary property, and further understand that yellow page or other similar forms of advertising such numbers or addresses is your sole responsibility and all charges associated with such advertising are to be billed directly to you.


3. Fees Payable.


(A) Upon execution of this Agreement, you will pay all initial programming and installation fees and the Services Retainer, in the amounts indicated in the Basic Terms. In addition, you will pay all other fees and taxes as indicated in the Basic Terms. The Services Retainer will he held as security for your performance under this Agreement You agree that the Services Retainer need not be kept separate and apart from our other funds and no interest will be paid to you.


(B) You agree to pay the Monthly Fees in the amount indicated in the Basic Terms or as otherwise due and payable on or before fifteen (15) days from the date invoiced to you. In addition to any sums due, you agree to pay monthly late charges equal to five percent (5.0%) of any sums due, or such lower maximum charge allowable under applicable law, that have not been paid to us on or before such date due and payable, with or without written notice from us.


(C) Recurring Monthly Fees are payable in advance. Fees payable for such other services that may be reasonably requested by the you from time to time will be payable b y you as set forth in the fee schedule applicable at such time services are performed or, if not set forth in a fee schedule, as determined by us.


(D) You agree that the Services Retainer will not be used by you as payment for Monthly Fees. In the event you default in rite performance of any of the terms of this Agreement, we may immediately and without prior notice, use, apply or retain the whole, or any part, of the Services Retainer for the payment of Monthly Fees, any service fee or any other payment due, or for payment of any other sum that we may spend by reason of your default If, upon termination of this Agreement, you have fully and faithfully complied with all the tartans and provisions of this Agreement, remitted all amounts due and payable. and surrendered all keys, access cards, building pauses and all our other property provided to you, the Services Retainer or any remaining balance, will be mimed to you within 45 days; provided, however, you agree to pay for repainting and cleaning the carpet in each Office you used for less than twelve (12) months at a cost not to exceed the Services Retainer.


4. Utilities. Electric power will be furnished for approved machinery or equipment only. We will use our reasonable effor

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