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Finder's Agreement

Fee Agreement

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 This Fee Agreement involves

ACACIA RESEARCH CORP | vFinance Investments, Inc. | Combimatrix Corporation

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Date: 6/30/2005
Industry: Semiconductors    

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                               FINDER'S AGREEMENT


     FINDER'S AGREEMENT dated as of June 14, 2005 (this "Agreement") by and

between Combimatrix Corporation (the "Company") and vFinance Investments, Inc.

(the "Finder").


     WHEREAS, the Finder has organized a series of meetings between the Company

and various Institutional Investors ("Targets") as described in Section 3 below

with the main objective of increasing the Company's visibility among investors

and identifying potential sources of financing for the Company. These meetings

are free of cost for the Company and the Company has the right to accept and/or

reject the meetings scheduled by the Finder.


     NOW THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration the parties hereto agree

as follows:


     1.    In the event the Company receives financing of any form from the

          Institutional Investors ("Targets") listed below, their subsidiaries,

          partners, and/or related parties (individually or collectively, a

          "Transaction"), for a period of 12 months from the date of this

          Agreement, the Company shall pay the Finder a five percent (5%) fee on

          any form of equity funding and/or one percent (1%) fee on any form of

          debt funding with respect to a Transaction. The fee is calculated by

          applying the above mentioned rate to the Aggregate Consideration (as

          defined in Section 2 below) in a Transaction, and it is due within 30

          days of each such Transaction.


     2.    Aggregate Consideration is defined and computed as the total proceeds

          paid by the targets to the Company in connection with a Transaction.


     3.    Targets: Redacted




     4.    The Finder assumes no obligations, other than to identify said

          Target(s) and organize meetings for the Company. The Finder d

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