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Notification Of Stock Grant

Executive Compensation Plan Agreement

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 This Executive Compensation Plan Agreement involves

Analogic Corporation

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Governing Law: Massachusetts     Date: 9/27/2007
Industry: Scientific and Technical Instr.     Sector: Technology

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From: John J. Millerick



You are hereby notified that on                      the Board of Directors of Analogic Corporation (the “Company”) voted to grant to you Amount shares of the Company’s common stock (the “Shares”) under the Key Employee Stock Bonus Plan dated March 14, 1983, as amended (the “Plan”).

In accordance with the terms of the Plan, you are requested to sign the attached Non-Competition Agreement, following which stock certificates representing the Shares will be executed in your name. These certificates will be held in escrow by the Company until such time as restrictions upon your disposition of the Shares shall lapse. The restrictions, as to the first 25% of the Shares, shall lapse on                      . On the anniversary of                      in each of the next three (3) years, the restrictions upon your disposition as to another 25% of the Shares shall lapse. Each time that the restrictions upon your disposition of any of the Shares shall lapse, under present Internal Revenue Regulations, certain federal and state income taxes will be due.

Attached hereto is the Plan Prospectus (with the Plan itself attached as Exhibit A). The Plan sets forth the terms and conditions of this Grant. By signing this document, the recipient agrees to accept the Grant of the above mentioned shares of Analogic Common Stock in accordance with all terms and conditions of the Plan.



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Please sign each Notification of Stock Grant and the Non-Competition Agreement, keep one copy of the signed Notification of Stock Grant for your files, and return both a signed Notification of Stock Grant and the Non-Competition Agreement to:

John J. Millerick

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Analogic Corporation

8 Centennial Drive

Peabody, MA 01960


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