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Engagement Agreement

Engagement Agreement

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 This Engagement Agreement involves

AMERILITHIUM CORP. | GeoXplor Corporation

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Title: engagement agreement
Date: 7/2/2010
Industry: Gold and Silver     Sector: Basic Materials

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To:    Amerilithium Corp
Attn:  Matthew Worrall, CEO
Robert Allender, VP Exploration, Director

Dear Matthew,

Please consider this email letter an engagement agreement contemplating
the below program of work, to be performed on the Paymaster Claims in
Nevada, USA and that the contractual price for delivering this
professional survey as described in our June 7, 2010 letter and
additional works and costs described in our June 30, 2010 email.

This Engagement Agreement is made this 30th day of June 2010, by and
between Amerilithium Corp. and GeoXplor Corporation.

Program of Work, (Mobilization July 7, 2010)

To extend and amend the original Gravity survey over the relevant areas
of claim blocks PM32- PM67 Inclusive.

To complete a full CSAMT/MT survey over the relevant areas of the
complete Paymaster property.  This is to include the previously
proposed scheme, plus the additional work required from the results of
the extended Gravity Survey.

The total of this work to be $90,000.00 Payable as follows:

50% upon signing
30% upon completion of field work
20% upon delivery of final reports

Please be kind enough to sign in the space below on behalf of
Amerilithium Corp., print and scan or fax to me this authorization and
agreement to conduct this survey.

Many thanks.

/s/Clive Ashworth CEO
GeoXplor Corp

Accepted On Behalf of Amerilithium Corp.

/s/Matthew Worrall
Matthew Worrall, CEO and President

                        Letterhead of GeoXplor Corp.

June 7, 2010

To:        Amerilithium Corp.
Attn:      Matthew Worrall, President
           Robert Allender, Geologist, Exploration Manager


Please find enclosed proposed budget for the CSAM/MT EM survey to be
performed on the Paymaster Property in Nevada, along with explanatory
information from our geophysicist, Jim Hasbrouck for your review and

We anticipate a June 11/12 mobilization dates if that is agreeable with

Our policy is to request 50% of the proposed budget costs before
mobilization, 30% on demobilization and the balance on submission of
the report.

Thank you and we look forward to further exploration encouragement that
will lead to the next phase which will be a drill program.


/s/Clive Ashworth, CEO

C:  John Rud

                  Letter Head Of GeoXplor Corp.

June 7, 2010

To:    Amerilithium Corp
Attn:  Matthew Worrall President
Robert Allender, Geologist, Exploration Manager

Proposed Budget re CSAM/MT Survey Paymaster Claims, Clayton Valley
Area, Nevada

To Include: Project Preparation, mobilization-demobilization,
consulting, wages, room and board, vehicles, consumables, equipment and
supplies, rentals, supervision, disbursements and administration.

Mobilization-demobilization: Hasbrouck
 and GeoXplor Corp Personnel                         $6000.00
Data acquisition:                                          
Jim Hasbrouck, Geophysicist; $1000.00/day x
  8 days                                             8,000.00
Lorin Stieff, geophysical operator 14 days
  @ $700.00/day                                      9,800.00
David Wilson, geophysical operator 14 days
  @ $700.00/day                                      8,400.00
Data processing and interpretation:                 13,500.00
Equipment rental:                                    5,500.00
Equipment shipping:                                  1,000.00
Equipment Insurance:                                   500.00
Final report:                                        3,500.00
Room and board: 36 mandays@$125.00/man/day           4,500.00
Trucks: 2 4x4 PU crew ca 

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