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Re: Letter Of Engagement

Engagement Agreement

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Date: 7/2/2010

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[Letterhead of CCG Investor Relations & Strategic Communications]

December 22, 2009

Mr. Jason Shapiro, CFO
Iron Eagle Group
448 West 37th Street, Suite 9 G
New York, NY 10018

Commencement of Investor Relations

Dear Mr. Jason Shapiro,

We are delighted to commence a program of investor relations activities
on behalf of Iron Eagle Group ("Company").  By separate cover and
documentation we have submitted a strategic plan entitled, "Iron Eagle
Group Investor Relations Strategic Plan," detailing our intended
activities.  The objective of such Program is to assist the Company in
the execution of its investor relations strategy.

We propose that the official commencement date of our activities be
January 1, 2010 subject to the signed acceptance of the terms outlined
herein and on receipt of the agreed funds within three (3) days from
the date of execution.

In this relationship, CCG Investor Relations ("CCG") agrees to comply
fully with all securities regulations, industry guidelines and
applicable laws.  Additionally, our firm shall maintain the
confidentiality of all Information (defined below) of Iron Eagle Group
not cleared by the Company for public release.

Iron Eagle Group will disclose to CCG documents and information
reasonably necessary for the performance of CCG's duties hereunder
("Information") and CCG undertakes from the start date of this
agreement and for a continuous period of no less than twelve (12)
months after the termination of this and all subsequent agreements
("the Confidentiality Period):

  (i) to treat the Information as strictly confidential; and

  (ii) not to disclose the Information to any third party; and

  (iii) to use the Information only in relation to work requested by
Iron Eagle Group; and

   (iv) to use at least the same degree of care to avoid disclosure or
use of Information as it employs with respect to its own proprietary
information of life importance.

The obligations above shall not apply to the Information or part of the

    (v)  which at the time of disclosure is already in the public
domain or which after disclosure becomes lawfully part of the public
domain; and/or

   (vi) which CCG can show was legally in its possession at the time of
the disclosure by Iron Eagle Group; and/or

  (vii) if obtained from or through a third party which was in the
possession of the Information lawfully and not in consequence of any
breach of confidentiality owed by such third party to Iron Eagle Group;

 (viii) is required to be disclosed pursuant to any applicable law,
decree, regulation, rules or order of any competent authority and

All Information delivered by Iron Eagle Group to CCG pursuant to this
Agreement and/or any copy made by CCG shall be promptly returned by CCG
to Iron Eagle Group upon request to do so and at the latest at the
expiry of the Agreement.

Iron Eagle Group agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CCG, including
its affiliates, shareholders, officers and employees (the
"Indemnitees"), from and against any and all losses, claims, damages,
expenses and/or liabilities which CCG may incur based upon information,
representations, reports or data furnished by Iron Eagle Group with
respect to itself, and which are approved by Iron Eagle Group for use
by CCG.  Such indemnification shall include, but not be limited to,
expenses (including all attorney's fees), judgments, and amounts paid
in settlement actually and reasonably incurred by CCG in connection
with an action, suit or proceeding brought against CCG and/or its
shareholders, officer or employees.  CCG shall have sole control of the
defense of any such Claims a 

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