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Centerpoint Energy, Inc. Retirement Plan

Employee Benefits Plan Agreement

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 This Employee Benefits Plan Agreement involves

CENTERPOINT ENERGY, INC. | Thirteenth Amendment CenterPoint Energy, Inc. | CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

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Date: 3/16/2006
Industry: Electric Utilities     Sector: Utilities

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                                                               Exhibit 10(t)(19)


               (As Amended and Restated Effective January 1, 1999)

                              Thirteenth Amendment

          CenterPoint Energy, Inc., a Texas corporation, having reserved the
right under Section 15.1 of the CenterPoint Energy, Inc. Retirement Plan, as
amended and restated effective as of January 1, 1999, and as thereafter amended
(the "Plan"), under Section 15.1 of the Plan, does hereby amend the Plan,
effective as of January 1, 2006, as follows:

     1. Article VIII of the Plan is hereby amended to add the following new
Section 8.9 thereto:

          "8.9 2006 Southern Gas Involuntary Separation Benefit: A Member who
     (i) is an Eligible Southern Gas Employee (as defined below), (ii) has
     attained at least age 55 and completed at least 5 years of Service as of
     his Termination Date (as defined below), and (iii) qualifies for a benefit
     under a Company involuntary severance benefits plan (a 'Southern Gas
     Severance Plan'), which provides for this benefit for an Eligible Southern
     Gas Employee who is involuntarily terminated during the Severance Period
     (as defined below), and who satisfies all requirements for this benefit
     under the applicable Southern Gas Severance Plan, shall be eligible,
     subject to his timely execution and delivery without subsequent revocation
     of the waiver and release, and his timely execution and delivery of any
     election or other documents, required under the applicable Southern Gas
     Severance Program, to receive a Pension commencing on or after his
     Termination Date equal to the normal or early retirement Pension for which
     the Member is eligible (or, in the case of an Eligible Southern Gas
     Employee who is on Disability Leave of Absence, would have been eligible
     had his employment continued through the period of disability and
     terminated, and his benefit accruals under the Plan shall cease, on his
     Termination Date), calculated as set forth in Section 8.1 or 8.2, but
     adding three (3) deemed years to the Member's age and three (3) deemed
     years to the Member's Service as applicable to the specific benefit
     formulas under the Plan (including for purposes of the Grandfathered
     Benefit under Section 7.6), except with respect to the Actuarial Equivalent
     calculations under Article XI.

          For purposes of this Section 8.9,

               (a) An 'Eligible Southern Gas Employee' means a Member (i) who
          was a nonexempt Employee of CenterPoint Energy Southern Gas
          Operations, a division of CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp., a wholly



          owned subsidiary of the Company, and any successor to CenterPoint
          Energy Southern Gas Operations ('Southern Gas'), (ii) whose employment
          with Southern Gas was involuntary terminated during the Severance
          Period, and (iii) who is not subsequently employed by the Employer or
          any Affiliate prior to his Termination Date.

               (b) The 'Severance Period' means the period prescribed in the
          Southern Gas Severance Plan; provided, however, that such period shall
          not commence prior to January 1, 2006, and shall not extend beyond
          December 31, 2006.

               (c) The 'Termination Date' means an Eligible Southern Gas
          Employee's involuntary termination of Service date.

               (d) To the extent applicable, a Member's Compensation, as
          provided in Section 1.16, in effect on his Termination Date shall be
          deemed to continue unchanged during his deemed three (3) years of

          The foregoing notwithstanding, the enhanced benefits provided under
     this Section are subject to compliance with the non-discrimi

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