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Consulting Contract

Consulting Services Agreement

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 This Consulting Services Agreement involves


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Date: 9/18/2008

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                                                                    Exhibit 10.1

                               CONSULTING CONTRACT

Moscow city

                                                             4th of August, 2008

Simonov Stepan, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor", from one party, and
the company Planet Resources Corp, represented by the Director Deshin Alexander,
hereinafter referred to as the "Customer",   from the other party, have concluded
this   Consulting   Contract   hereinafter   referred   to as the   "Contract"   on the

                           1. SUBJECT OF THE CONTRACT

1.1. The Customer   assigns and the   Contractor   undertakes   to provide   research
aimed at locating   mining sites with tailings or refuse of mining and processing
industry (technogenic deposits) and determination of possibilities and prospects
of extracting fine, extra-fine and fine-dispersed gold from such sites.

                            2. TERRITORY OF RESEARCH

2.1. Research shall be carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation.

                              3. CONSULTING TASKS

3.1. Consulting tasks (the "Consulting") shall be carried out accordingly:
3.1.1.   Locating prospective business subject(s) with special permits for use of
subterranean   resources   activity   within the   boundaries of their sites for the
purpose of minerals mining.
3.1.2.   Selecting   site(s),   with   available   tailings   or refuse of mining   and
processing   industry that contain   economic   concentration   of gold with minimum
potential gold content of 200kg.
3.1.3.   Taking samples and performing tests with view of estimating   content and
concentration of fine,   extra-fine and   fine-dispersed   gold in refuse of mining
and processing industry (technogenic deposits).
3.1.4.   Providing a complete cost schedule in connection   with the extraction of
fine gold from the selected site(s) and transportation to the point of sale.
3.1.5. Obtaining agreement for each mining site, whereby the licensee will allow
Planet Resources, Inc. or their whole owned subsidiary to extract fine gold from
licensee's   mining site.   The   extracted   gold will remain in   possession of the
license   holder in return for payment   equal to market price of gold at the time
of extraction less 20% discount).

                          4. DUTIES OF THE CONTRACTOR

4.1. The Contractor shall:
4.1.1.   Begin the research   within 30 days after the written   assignment   by the
4.1.2.   Upon   completion of Consulting,   present the research   documents and any
executed agreements (the "Research Results") to the Customer.
4.1.3.   Attach a detailed and complete report on all the issues pertinent to the
agreed Consulting.
4.1.4.   Ensure complete   confidentiality   of the   information   received from the
Customer if third parties are involved in the research.
4.2.   Within 90 days   after   completion   of the   Consulting,   specified   by this
Contract   and   signing   the   Statement   of   transfer   of   Research   Results   the
Contractor shall provide Research Results   regarding the Consulting   referred to
in the part 3 of the Contract.

                           5. DUTIES OF THE CUSTOMER

5.1. The Customer shall:
5.1.1.   Provide   the   Contractor   with   written   assignment   30   days   prior   to
commencement of the Consulting.
5.1.2. Upon the Contractor's request,   provide the latter with all the available
information necessary for efficient research.
5.1.3. Accept the Research Results and pay the Contractor.


6.1. The Contractor shall independently manage the Consulting.
6.2. The Contractor shall transfer the Research Results in writing.
6.3. At the transfer of Research   Results the parties   prepare the   statement of
transfer (the "Statement") in two copies, one copy for each party.
6.4. The Customer has 30 days following the Research Results transfer to inspect
Research Results and request additional documents if the Research Results in his
opinion do not meet the   requirements   specified in par  

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