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Advisory Agreement

Consulting Services Agreement

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 This Consulting Services Agreement involves


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Governing Law: New York     Date: 11/16/2009

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Exhibit 10.3


          AGREEMENT dated as of the 3rd day of April 2006 among CITIGROUP MANAGED FUTURES LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“CMF” or the “General Partner”), SALOMON SMITH BARNEY AAA ENERGY FUND L.P. II, a New York limited partnership (the “Partnership”) and AAA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT ADVISORS, LTD., a Texas limited partnership (the “Advisor”).

W I T N E S S E T H :

          WHEREAS, CMF is the general partner of SALOMON SMITH BARNEY AAA ENERGY FUND L.P. II, a limited partnership organized for the purpose of speculative trading of commodity interests, including futures contracts, options and forward contracts with the objective of achieving substantial capital appreciation initially through an investment in AAA Master Fund LLC (the “Master Fund”); and

          WHEREAS, the Limited Partnership Agreement establishing the Partnership (the “Limited Partnership Agreement”) permits CMF to delegate to one or more commodity trading advisors CMF’s authority to make trading decisions for the Partnership; and

          WHEREAS, the Advisor is registered as a commodity trading advisor with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) and is a member of the National Futures Association (“NFA”); and

          WHEREAS, CMF is registered as a commodity pool operator with the CFTC and is a member of the NFA; and

          WHEREAS, CMF, the Partnership and AAA Capital Management, Inc., a Texas corporation, entered into an advisory agreement dated as of May 31, 2002 (the “Initial Advisory Agreement”), pursuant to which AAA Capital Management, Inc. agreed to render and implement advisory services to the Partnership; and

          WHEREAS, the Advisor and AAA Capital Management, Inc. have the same beneficial ownership; and

          WHEREAS, AAA Capital Management, Inc. wishes to transfer all of its rights and obligations under the Initial Advisory Agreement to the Advisor, and the Advisor wishes to assume all of such rights and obligations of AAA Capital Management, Inc. under the Initial Advisory Agreement; and

          WHEREAS, CMF, the Partnership and the Advisor wish to enter into this Agreement in order to set forth the terms and conditions upon which the Advisor will (i) render and implement advisory services in connection with the conduct by the Partnership of its commodity trading activities during the term of this Agreement and (ii) assume the rights and obligations of AAA Capital Management, Inc. under the Initial Advisory Agreement;

          NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:



          1. DUTIES OF THE ADVISOR . (a) Upon the commencement of trading operations by the Partnership and for the period and on the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Advisor shall have sole authority and responsibility, as one of the Partnership’s agents and attorneys-in-fact, for directing the investment and reinvestment of the assets and funds of the Partnership allocated to it by the General Partner in commodity interests, including commodity futures contracts, options, swaps and forward contracts. All such trading on behalf of the Partnership shall be in accordance with the trading strategies and trading policies set forth in the Private Placement Memorandum and Disclosure Document dated September 30, 2005, as supplemented (the “Memorandum”), and as such trading policies may be changed from time to time upon receipt by the Advisor of prior written notice of such change and pursuant to the trading strategy selected by CMF to be utilized by the Advisor in managing the Partnership’s assets. CMF has initially selected the Advisor’s Energy Program-Futures and Swaps (the “Program”) to manage the Partnership’s assets allocated to it. Any open positions or other investments at the time of receipt of such notice of a change in trading policy shall not be deemed to violate the changed policy and shall be closed or sold in the ordinary course of trading. The Advisor may not deviate from the trading policies set forth in the Memorandum without the prior written consent of the Partnership given by CMF. The Advisor makes no representation or warranty that the trading to be directed by it for the Partnership will be profitable or will not result in losses.

          (b) CMF acknowledges receipt of the Advisor’s draft Disclosure Document dated March 31, 2006, as filed with the NFA and the CFTC. All trades made by the Advisor for the account of the Partnership, whether directly or indirectly through the Master Fund, shall be made through such commodity broker or brokers as CMF shall direct, and the Advisor shall have no authority or responsibility for selecting or supervising any such broker in connection with the execution, clearance or confirmation of transactions for the Partnership or for the negotiation of brokerage rates charged therefor. However, the Advisor, with the prior written permission (by either original or fax copy) of CMF, may direct all trades in commodity futures and options to a futures commission merchant or independent floor broker it chooses for execution with instructions to give-up the trades to the broker designated by CMF, provided that the futures commission merchant or independent floor broker and any give-up or floor brokerage fees are approved in advance by CMF. All give-up or similar fees relating to the foregoing shall be paid by the Partnership after all parties have executed the relevant give-up agreements (by either original or fax copy).

          (c) The allocation of the Partnership’s assets to the Advisor will be made to the Program. In the event the Advisor wishes to use a trading system or methodology other than or in addition to the system or methodology outlined in the Memorandum in connection with its trading for the Partnership, either in whole or in part, it may not do so unless the Advisor gives CMF prior written notice of its intention to utilize such different trading system or methodology and CMF consents thereto in writing. In addition, the Advisor will provide five days’ prior written notice to CMF of any change in the trading system or methodology to be utilized for the Partnership which the Advisor deems material. If the Advisor deems such change in system or methodology or in markets traded to be material, the changed system or methodology or markets traded will not be utilized for the Partnership without the prior written consent of CMF. In addition, the Advisor will notify CMF of any changes to the trading system or methodology that would require a change in the description of the trading strategy or methods described in the



Memorandum. Further, the Advisor will provide the Partnership with a current list of all commodity interests to be traded for the Partnership’s account and will not trade any additional commodity interests for such account without providing notice thereof to CMF and receiving CMF’s written approval. The Advisor also agrees to provide CMF, on a monthly basis, with a written report of the assets under the Advisor’s management together with all other matters deemed by the Advisor to be material changes to its business not previously reported to CMF.

          (d) The Advisor agrees to make all material disclosures to the Partnership regarding itself and its principals as defined in Part 4 of the CFTC’s regulations (“principals”), partners, shareholders, directors, officers and employees, their trading performance and general trading methods, its customer accounts (but not the identities of or identifying information with respect to its customers) and otherwise as are required in the reasonable judgment of CMF to be made in any filings required by Federal or state law or NFA rule or order. Notwithstanding Sections 1(d) and 4(d) of this Agreement, the Advisor is not required to disclose the actual trading results of proprietary accounts of the Advisor or its principals unless CMF reasonably determines that such disclosure is required in order to fulfill its fiduciary obligations to the Partnership or the reporting, filing or other obligations imposed on it by Federal or state law or NFA rule or order. The Partnership and CMF acknowledge that the trading advice to be provided by the Advisor is a property right belonging to the Advisor and that they will keep all such advice confidential. Further, CMF agrees to treat as confidential any results of proprietary accounts and/or proprietary information with respect to trading systems obtained from the Advisor.

          (e) The Advisor understands and agrees that CMF may designate other trading advisors for the Partnership and apportion or reapportion to such other trading advisors the management of an amount of Net Assets (as defined in Section 3(b) hereof) as it shall determine in its absolute discretion. The designation of other trading advisors and the apportionment or reapportionment of Net Assets to any such trading advisors pursuant to this Section 1 shall neither terminate this Agreement nor modify in any regard the respective rights and obligations of the parties hereunder.

          (f) CMF may, from time to time, in its absolute discretion, select additional trading advisors and reapportion funds among the trading advisors for the Partnership as it deems appropriate. CMF shall use its best efforts to make reapportionments, if any, as of the first day of a month. The Advisor agrees that it may be called upon at any time promptly to liquidate positions in CMF’s sole discretion so that CMF may reallocate the Partnership’s assets, meet margin calls on the Partnership’s account, fund redemptions, or for any other reason, except that CMF will not require the liquidation of specific positions by the Advisor. CMF will use its best efforts to give two days’ prior notice to the Advisor of any reallocations or liquidations.

          (g) The Advisor will not be liable for trading losses in the Partnership’s account including losses caused by errors; provided, however, that (i) the Advisor will be liable to the Partnership with respect to losses incurred due to errors committed or caused by it or any of its principals or employees in communicating improper trading instructions or orders to any broker on behalf of the Partnership and (ii) the Advisor will be liable to the Partnership with respect to losses incurred due to errors committed or caused by any executing broker (other than



any CMF affiliate) selected by the Advisor, (it also being understood that CMF, with the assistance of the Advisor, will first attempt to recover such losses from the executing broker).

          2. INDEPENDENCE OF THE ADVISOR . For all purposes herein, the Advisor shall be deemed to be an independent contractor and, unless otherwise expressly provided or authorized, shall have no authority to act for or represent the Partnership in any way and shall not be deemed an agent, promoter or sponsor of the Partnership, CMF, or any other trading advisor.

          3. COMPENSATION . (a) In consideration of and as compensation for all of the services to be rendered by the Advisor to the Partnership under this Agreement, the Partnership shall (i) pay the Advisor a monthly fee for professional advisory services equal to 1/6 of 1% (2% per year) of the month-end Net Assets of the Partnership allocated to the Advisor; and (ii) allocate to the Advisor an annual Profit Share to its capital account in the Partnership equal to 20% of New Trading Profits (as such term is defined in the Limited Partnership Agreement) earned by the Advisor for the Partnership during each calendar year in the form of Units; provided , that in the event that the Limited Partnership Agreement is amended to provide that the Profit Share allocation shall be made on a quarterly rather than an annual basis, this Section 3(a)(ii) shall be deemed to be amended accordingly.

          (b) “Net Assets” shall have the meaning set forth in Paragraph 7(d)(1) of the Limited Partnership Agreement dated as of March 25, 2002 and without regard to further amendments thereto, provided that in determining the Net Assets of the Partnership on any date, no adjustment shall be made to reflect any distributions, redemptions or Profit Share allocable as of the date of such determination.

          (c) Monthly Advisory fees shall be paid within twenty (20) business days following the end of the period, for which such fee is payable. In the event of the termination of this Agreement as of any date which shall not be the end of a fiscal year or a calendar month, as the case may be, the monthly Advisory fee shall be prorated to the effective date of termination. If, during any month, the Partnership does not conduct business operations or the Advisor is unable to provide the services contemplated herein for more than two successive business days, the monthly Advisory fee shall be prorated by the ratio which the number of business days during which CMF conducted the Partnership’s business operations or utilized the Advisor’s services bears in the month to the total number of business days in such month.

          (d) The provisions of this Paragraph 3 shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

          4. RIGHT TO ENGAGE IN OTHER ACTIVITIES . (a) The services provided by the Advisor hereunder are not to be deemed exclusive. CMF on its own behalf and on behalf of the Partnership acknowledges that, subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Advisor and its officers, directors, employees and shareholder(s), may render advisory, consulting and management services to other clients and accounts. The Advisor and its officers, directors, employees and shareholder(s) shall be free to trade for their own accounts and to advise other investors and manage other commodity accounts during the term of this Agreement and to use the same information, computer programs and trading strategies, programs or



formulas which they obtain, produce or utilize in the performance of services to CMF for the Partnership. However, the Advisor represents, warrants and agrees that it believes the rendering of such consulting, advisory and management services to other accounts and entities will not require any material change in the Advisor’s basic trading strategies and will not affect the capacity of the Advisor to continue to render services to CMF for the Partnership of the quality and nature contemplated by this Agreement.

          (b) If, at any time during the term of this Agreement, the Advisor is required to aggregate the Partnership’s commodity positions with the positions of any other person for purposes of applying CFTC- or exchange-imposed speculative position limits, the Advisor agrees that it will promptly notify CMF in writing if the Partnership’s positions are included in an aggregate amount which exceeds the applicable speculative position limit. The Advisor agrees that, if its trading recommendations are altered because of the application of any speculative position limits, it will not modify the trading instructions with respect to the Partnership’s account in such manner as to affect the Partnership substantially disproportionately as compared with the Advisor’s other accounts. The Advisor further represents, warrants and agrees that under no circumstances will it knowingly or deliberately use trading strategies or methods for the Partnership that are inferior to strategies or methods employed for any other client or account and that it will not knowingly or deliberately favor any client or account managed by it over any other client or account in any manner, it being acknowledged, however, that different trading strategies or methods may be utilized for differing sizes of accounts, accounts with different trading policies, accounts experiencing differing inflows or outflows of equity, accounts which commence trading at different times, accounts which have different portfolios or different fiscal years, accounts utilizing different executing brokers and accounts with other differences, and that such differences may cause divergent trading results.

          (c) It is acknowledged that the Advisor and/or its officers, employees, directors and shareholder(s) presently act, and it is agreed that they may continue to act, as advisor for other accounts managed by them, and may continue to receive compensation with respect to services for such accounts in amounts which may be more or less than the amounts received from the Partnership.

          (d) The Advisor agrees that it shall make such information available to CMF respecting the performance of the Partnership’s account as compared to the performance of other accounts managed by the Advisor or its principals as shall be reasonably requested by CMF. The Advisor presently believes and represents that existing

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