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Sales Agent Contract

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Title: Sales Agent Contract
Date: 4/19/2010

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Exhibit 10.23

(English Translation)

Sales Agent Contract

The Party A:

The Party B:

For the promotion of market development and buildings sales, the Party A specially entrusts the Party B simply with the sales of the developed projects. The both parties sign the following contract by fully consulting.

FIRST, the Party A entrust the Party B simply with the sales of the project called ______________ (hereinafter referred to as the Project). In the period of the trust, the Party A should not entrust any other companies with the Project.

SECOND, the building area of the Project is approximately _____________ square meters (subject to the government assessment).

THIRD, the time range of the trust: the sales cycle is based on the opening time of every period, and carried out according to the attachment after consulting.

FOURTH, Responsibility and Obligation of the Both Parties

(1) Responsibility and Obligation of Party A



Supply all the legal building-sale documents, take on the intermediation between Party B and government on sale, and guarantee the quality and deadline of the buildings.






Supply the publicizing expense to the houses-sale department every month, and take on the expense for the publicizing of newspaper, magazine and sociality.






Supply a decorated houses-sale apartment and communication and work equipment (including a TV set, air-condition, an electrograph, desks and chairs and so on), the phone bill should be paid by Party B and the water rate and the electricity bill are supported by Party A.






Send to charge the fund and approve the houses-sale contract.






Party A has the right to check and guide the work of Party B regularly, but is refused to interfere the inner operation and arrangement of Party B. Party A has the right to come up with the logical advice regularly and duly to the houses-sale operation.






Party A has obligation to keep the contract secret in case of the negative effect to the sales.






Party A should pay Party B commission and bonus on time. If it fails, Party A should pay the late fee as the 0.1% according to the time and defective amounts.






Party A should help the consumers to transact the bank mortgage and housing property right, take on composing and settling the argument between the consumers and company in law.






If the market conditions have changed, the adjustment should be set up by both parties through consultation.


(2) Responsibility and Obligation of the Party B



According to the operation of the construction (Party A has the layout license and land use and construction license), Party B should carry out the propaganda and activity to publicize the items and prepare for selling. While Party A gets the sale license, Party B should start the work as planned.






While the sales begin, Party B should finish ____% of the number of the buildings in first phase in 2 months, ______% in 6 months, _____% in 12 months, and ____% in 14 months. The second phase for sale should be started at the same time (sales cycle is counted according to the time, area and price, and the other contract should be signed). The sales performance does not include the houses which Party A uses for debt of construction team. Party B should not pick up the commission while the houses is team sales (over 10) through Party A, but it is counted in the sales performance.






While the contract has signed and begins to carry out, Party B must finish selling ____% of all the houses. The sales cycle of the rest should be set down through additional consultation.






Take on the establishment of the sales department and the employee`s employment, training, recommending and dismissing. All the employees are managed by Party B, and Party A has no rights to interfere the inner operation and arrangement of Party B.






Forbid to carry on any operation out of the contract in the name of Party A.






The propaganda and promises should not go beyond the written provision of Party A. The loss which comes from the random promises from Party B to the consumer should be unde

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